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It's not a new mod it is an updated for INCREASED DRAW DISTANCE made by sjbox .This new version work with the DLC Blood and Wine by increasing the lod for many meshes and texture of Toussaint. I have just managed this old mod to make him work on the two DLC. For HOS poster and NPC you should use my modAioNPCforIDD. Work on 1.32 goty.

Permissions and credits

It's not a new mod it is an updated for INCREASED DRAW DISTANCE, one of the greatest mod made by sjbox so thanks to him not to me. This new version work with the DLC Blood and Wine by increasing the lod and the drawing distance for many meshes and textures of Toussaint. I have just managed this old mod to make him work on the two DLC. For HOS, poster and NPC you must use my mod: modAioNPCforIDD. Why? Because modIncreasedToussaintDrawDistance and modAioNPCforIDD are planned for working together. But it work either if they are used alone.
This is the first version it's not one hundred pour-cent stable for ModIncreasedToussaintDrawDistance, even if it's been more than 80 hours of work (try and fail) for making this "stable" version but is still not perfect and i do not know if it will be one day. However this new version can be used in both region Toussaint and Vanilla but for making this mod correctly in Toussaint i was forced to removed some meshes of the original mod.So for vanilla region modIncreasedDrawDistance_2_0_3 is actually the best even if i don't think you can see any visible difference when you walk in Vanilla land. So if you do not want to replace the mod every time you go in Toussaint, you can keep ModIncreasedToussaintDrawDistance for all the region. But the best solution will be to make two different IDDmod, one for Toussaint and keeping modIncreasedDrawDistance_2_0_3  for Vanilla. So with this solution we can activate  modIncreasedDrawDistance_2_0_3 and disable ModIncreasedToussaintDrawDistance when you are in Novigrad,Skellige etc..  And vice versa when you are in Toussaint. But create an entire new mod with bootstrap is for the moment above my competence in modding. So i hope someone have this capacity, i have contacted sjbox the original author but he does not to seem active anymore,i hope it will be active again someday.

Effect and purpose of this new version: 

This version is intended to make modIDD work as it was intended in this original idea (Vanilla,DLC and NPC)

Installation and uninstall :

-All the process of installation and uninstall are exactly the same as the original mod. So look at:   "" if you didn't have already install this mod.

-If you have already install the original mod for installing this new version you have just to  remove modIncreasedDrawDistance_2_0_3  to your mod folder and replace him by ModIncreasedToussaintDrawDistance  and that's it.  

-I have testing this new version on 1.32 Goty version on GOG galaxy. I can't guaranteed this new version will work on older version or on a non-Goty version of the game. All my test was with the value OF 10 for all the settings of the mod.

Requirements :

-In the user file you must tweak « SpawnedLimit=150 »to « SpawnedLimit=100 » just for Toussaint  it's correspond to downgrade the value to Extreme to hight. With this value i didn't have T-bug on NPC in Toussaint(he can remain a frozen pose for child but it's a bug already present in the game).Personally i can go with the value 120 without any bug (if i exceed this value the bug begin to appears) so i have put my value to 115. 
For vanilla you can tweak to 300 (it's the max and it's more a placebo tweak than a real in fact) even with this value i have Never any bug on the NPC in vanilla. 

-I strongly advise to tweak your shadow distance quality (see My tweak file)and use the modHQfaceV3 by Holgar96 for the best rendered.

-All the other tweak i use for NPC and shadow are in "My tweak file" (see the green part of this presentation).

Other bugs :

-The eyes of Geralt can disappear during cut-scene. But you can use Besserwisser's Patch by KoalaNalle  at  "" (thanks to DeanThomas who have find this solution)

-The beard of Geralt can disappear during cut-scene if you didn't use Hair Works. Personally i use this mod:modHairWorks
at " " by katalysis

Credits :

All the credits goes to sjbox for marking the original version of this amazing mod.

FOR PEOPLE who want to test with my own tweak i put a file who contain all the file i have changed in the game so you can test for yourself  but be aware i have a big config (two 1080 ti in sli).So you must adjust this tweak for yourself and for your own PC config.

Again sorry for my very bad English.