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This Mod overhauls Triss' wardrobe and style in-game. Updated to V 1.1!

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This Mod overhauls Triss' wardrobe and style in-game. TAO features several built-from-scratch assets as well as many asset swaps, adjustments, and retextures. While this is NOT a lore-friendly mod, it is highly friendly with the game-world and environment. I strive to build an overhaul that is visually stunning, but not completely immersion-breaking. Please enjoy the culmination of hundreds of hours of TW3 modding R&D!

Patch Notes

V 1.1 05-02-21

Hey it's been a while!

2020 was a strange year which pulled me away from this hobby-project. I've been doubling down on learning 3d to start looking at career options within the field. I'm not interested in working on this project any further, but I spent a considerable amount of time fixing up all the mistakes I made when publishing this last year. In summary, 1.1 is a fixes/small changes update:

-Dramatically simplified project structure, number of assets has been nearly halved without impacting quality whatsoever

-Created a new normal map for top half of dress to match the bottom, added some edge details

-Tattoo texture has been refactored

-Hair mesh has been adjusted to reduce clipping

-Added ring/clasp to bolero hand straps

-Changed dress pattern away from overused pattern to something more unique

-Swapped petite (Yennefer sized) legs for the correct sized Triss legs

-Reweighted skirt completely to reduce jittering and prevent clipping with legs

-Fixed roughness map inconsistencies

-Fixed belt materials, textures were packed improperly

-Fixed AO maps across all texture sets

-Fixed detail maps

-Fixed hair ribbon inverted faces, added new fabric

-Fixed fingernail shader

-Fixed diffuse texture for gloves

-Reskinned several assets to improve awkward behavior under extreme deformation and clipping

-Some LOD improvements/fixes, higher quality LOD for body mesh to prevent issues with stockings

-Unified entities improving Doppler usability

- Added additional options for customization and compatibility with other hair mods

Previous Patch Notes 


Q: Why does Triss still have her original appearance after installing?
A: Turn on my mod in the DLC menu.

Q: Do I need to install CAPE? Will it help if I have a bug?
A: No and no. That mod simply adds new contextual appearances.

Q: How do I enable custom quest-based appearances?
A: You must download CAPE.

Q: Why did you make Triss this way? It's not Sapkowski style. I feel differently about Triss.
A: I honestly don't care, stop telling me about it. This isn't a Sapkowski mod. Download one of the other ones on the Nexus.

Q: Can you make TW1 Triss?
A: No I'm not interested in doing that right now. Maybe in the future, but probably not.

Q: Can you do [xyz] instead of that hair/color/style etc.?
A: If you care that much, download the Modkit and WolvenKit and make the change yourself.

Q: Can this break my game?
A: This is a clean mod and will not affect any base game files when installed/uninstalled. *The optional Geralt Doppler scripts can cause some small headaches when uninstalled improperly.*

Q: Is this a skimpy clothes mod?
A: No, and it won't become one.


Installation is very easy and you can install/uninstall without any corruption/changes to your base game files.

1. Download ZIP file from this page.

2. Extract ZIP file.

3. Be sure to delete/backup previous versions.

4. Place "dlcTAO" folder into your DLC folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\DLC) for Steam.

5. Mix and match any combination of optional "modTAO_xxxx" files into your Mods folder ((C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\Mods) for Steam. Create the Mods folder if there isn't one.

6. Boot the game and enable "Jato's Triss Appearance Overhaul" in the DLC menu.

7. Enjoy!

To uninstall, drag and drop each folder out of your Witcher 3 directory.

Compatibility, Bugs, and Things to Keep in Mind

TAO is a major overhaul style mod. Do not expect my mod to be compatible with other similar mods, or "dirty" mods that edit Triss' entity file.

TAO uses the vanilla head mesh, eye mesh, and skin texture (even with the tattoos). These are mods such as Triss (G)Lorified' by bathsebah, or Rokenz Triss by rokenz. Any cosmetic or skin mod will not be an issue. If there is one, it's not my fault and you need to debug the problem on your own.

TAO overwrites 1 (ONE) vanilla asset, the necklace. Since the necklace is spawned dynamically through quest progression, I can't prevent it from being attached to Triss (without being extremely invasive). As a workaround, I've simply made a dirty hack to the mesh making it invisible. The 'modTAO_HideNecklace' folder contains this file.

If you find any bugs that you KNOW are with TAO and NOT A MOD CONFLICT please let me know by submitting a bug report or making a comment. Submissions that are potentially due to mod conflict will be ignored/deleted. I've had a few submissions for a frozen face in dialogue but since I have not edited this asset, it's due to a mod conflict or simply vanilla behavior that was hidden by the hood.

Use With Geralt Doppler

My assets do not overwrite any of Triss' (besides making her amulet invisible). To use my assets download the optional "TAO Geralt Doppler Custom Scripts" file.


My Doppler scripts have been reorganized. THIS WILL OFFSET AND RUIN ALL OF YOUR CURRENT FAVORITES. If you uninstall TAO (disabling is okay) you must also revert to your original Doppler script. If you have a previous version of Doppler scripts installed, clear ALL TAO ASSETS from your favorites and make a new game save (even if you delete it right after). If you update TAO and/or TAO Doppler scripts, your game can and will be temporarily nuked until you scrub the entries from your settings file because Doppler is searching for an asset that has changed or no longer exists.

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