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Multiplies the gold coin for all quest rewards and witcher contracts by 2.

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This mod is a simple XML edit (no scripts) that aims to double the gold given as reward for all quests in the base game and DLCs in a seperate file. This includes money given as rewards for regular quests as well as witcher contracts.

In the included pic preview you can see an early witcher contract (the wraith by well in White Orchard) with a base value of 20 has been increased to 40.

This mod is ideally used if you use it with a mod that alters the prices of goods to reduce reliance on scavenging and looting to get money (I use TradeMan), because IMO that isn't what a witcher should be doing. Instead the focus is on actually doing your job to earn the money you need.

I had uploaded this mod for an early version of the game a long time ago but it got broken by an update, There is another script mod that's supposed to provide the ability to set the rewards as you like, but it doesn't work for me. So I made this mod for myself and thought I'd share :)

For 1.31/GOTY