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Immersive and modular reshade preset for playthroughs and screenshotting. Suitable for various lighting mods, esp PLM. Original and RedUx not suitable for any PLM versions released after 10.1 (except RedUx on Skellige PLM13). Emerald is made on top of PLM13. Not for Toussaint.

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A Photographic Reshade


This reshade preset has been created for the sake of photographic quality and modularity. It has been inspired by many artists, but most notably, the classic work of Midhras, Zilverborn, and Casablanca L, as well as my own work for Vanilla TW3. I believe it is fair to say that none of the authors listed above is afraid of making the colours pop. However, since much what is needed for a mesmerizing shot is conditional, many of the most beautiful photoshotting reshades are overwhelming for day-to-day player experience. Poppy remedies that issue in its own way.

The game should look excellent, whether as a motion picture or as a photograph.

I sketch on top of Phoenix Lighting Mod's various iterations. The recommended versions include (but are not limited to) V, VII.1, II, and 8+ (Original and RedUx until 10.1; Emerald for PLM13). Also works very well with WLM and other lighting mods, such as Atmospheric Lighting Mod (ALM). PLM has changed a lot, and has a remarkable amount of variability within each of its releases. Milos' work has inspired me enough to make a reshade that is able to adapt across PLM versions: between the dreariness of the witcher world, the stunning sunsets & sunrises, and the various natural settings.

Greens are lusher, blues bite, red sings, shadows follow - if you wish!
Except for the preset's core pillars, which are activated at the start, the filmic effects, which make the hours preceding a sunset or sunrise special, are toggleable - which means a smaller fps hit overall. Most importantly, it gives you a bigger choice! You can switch up from the realistic hues when roaming the countryside to a stylised, richer look on a whim - just switch off a few shaders in favour of others. Check out the ReadMes for that!

Overall hit is in the range of 5-14fps, depending on the number of effects in use.

I have really enjoyed working on this reshade and hope it brings something special to the table for each of you!


1. Download Reshade 3.4.1 and install, saying yes to the following effects:

  • AmbientLight
  • Bloom
  • Border
  • FilmGrain2
  • FilmicPass
  • FXAA
  • SMAA
  • GaussianBlur
  • Levels
  • LiftGammaGain
  • Technicolor
  • Technicolor2
  • Tonemap
  • Vibrance

2. Download the reshade file from Nexus.

3. Install all the files in the mod folder into your Witcher3.exe folder, overwriting all reshade shaders when prompted.

(IMPORTANT: IF, and only IF, you have a shader called fakeHDR in your shaders folder (for example, when not doing a clean install of Reshade) - delete it. You should have only 1 HDR shader in your shaders folder, or you get a super dark reshade.)

4. In-game, open the reshade menu via 'Shift + F2'. 

5. Select the 'Poppy' preset and take a look at the key bindings. Change the key bindings, if you wish.

6. Read the Effectbook file - seriously, it helps you squeeze more out of the reshade and explains a few things!


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- DaftPope -

"It really does feel like a stroll in the wilds, while still in your armchair."