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See something? Go for it! No invisible walls or obstacles can stop you, because now you can teleport anywhere! Always wondered what's beyond "The End Of The World"? Now you can explore till you drop, literally :-). Activate friendly mode and enjoy the wildlife without monsters barging in! Did I mention that you can unlock doors without a key?

Permissions and credits
Teleport (F9 default)
With a FreeCam Mod you can move the camera independently from Geralt and look anywhere, even through walls. Press F9 to instantly teleport to the freecam position. Debug Console Enabler with FreeCam by CurtiSRustY (needed)

Save a location (F10 default)
Press F10 to save the location coordinates of your current position. Press F9 to instantly return to the saved spot. Loading a saved game clears the saved location. Works also without freecam mod.

Friendly Mode (F11 default)
Press F11 to toggle friendly mode on/off. In friendly mode monsters and bandits won't attack you. Nice if you just want to get somewhere fast. Or take a closer look at monsters and animals without them noticing you. The does, sooo cute!

Unlock Doors (F12 default)
Press F12 to unlock the door directly in front of you. Be aware though that 98% of the doors in the game can't be unlocked even if they say "locked" because they are just fake. The rest lead to empty rooms or are unlocked anyway during a quest. You can reacces some quest areas that are closed afterwards though. And unlock the cellar even if you don't support Cerys :-)

If you unlock doors that belong to a quest, the quest might not advance properly. Especially don't unlock the playroom door!

No Borders
If you get close to the border area you get an "End Of The World" Message and normally the game slams the world map into your face shortly afterwards. With this mod you still get the message but can go on till you drop of the map. Nice if you want to get that extra lootbox or plant. Or if you just have to know what's out there :-)

You can change the hotkeys in Options\Key Bindings to anything you like. Default Keys are F9, F10, F11, F12.

Manual Installation
1. Copy the mod folder to ...\(Your Witcher3 directory)\mods
2. Add the lines from input.settings.part.txt to ...\Documents\The Witcher 3\Input.settings under the proper headings.
3. Add the lines from input.xml.part.txt to ...\(Your Witcher3 directory)\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc\input.xml above the line with <!-- [BASE_CharacterMovement] -->
4. If you have other mods installed you need to copy 3 lines from my to the corresponding file in \mod0000_MergedFiles. Open it with your favorite text editor and look for lines containing modGoAnywhere. Same goes for (6 lines changed).

Automatic Installation
W3 Mod Manager together with Script Merger has a one click install feature that works surprisingly often. If you plan to use a lot of mods it makes installing and managing them much easier. W3MM doesn't seem to work for everyone, though. In that case use the manual installation. Be aware that the nexus mod manager / vortex only extracts the mod to the mod folder. You will still have to edit the configuration files for the hotkeys to work.

How to install the FreeCam-Mod
Download the "Debug Console Enabler with FreeCam" and drop the bin folder into your witcher 3 directory. Or use the included batchfile for installation. Download-Link / Mod-Page. The mod uses some hardwired keys, namely ~ / F1 / F2 / WASD. If you don't like that you can use my optional reassign-keys.ahk script.

About Witcher 3 v1.32
Patch 1.32 only adds support for simplified chinese, nothing else - but it breaks some mods, the above linked freecam for instance. If you want to use 1.32 you can use this Freecam for 1.32 Patch. If you want to revert your Steam-version to 1.31 use this 1.32 to 1.31 Patch. If you have the GOG-version you can revert to 1.31 with the galaxy-client via Witcher 3 -> More -> Settings -> Override Features

If you save directly on the map border you will be teleported to the center of the map after reloading the save. Don't do it :-)

Similar Mods  - from which I learned some tricks, thanks be to the authors!
Debug Console Extensions from SkacikPL - has some functions to unlock doors or "phase" through walls.
First Person Mode from SkacikPL - has a "do not disturb" function.
Sensible Map Borders from WalteriusMaximus - deactivates the forced teleport near the border.

My Other Mod
Hotkeys to toggle NPC chatter, voices, music and subtitles on/off - Can't stand the "Pissed my trousers", "...dying from poverty", "Crawl back under your rock!" at every corner? Then this is your mod!

I tested this mod only on my own Installation (Gog Goty 1.31). If you have any suggestions or just want to express how much you love this mod, please leave a comment :-)