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Completely rebalances decoctions to make them more useful.
Comes in 3 flavours:
Deathmarch - balanced stats and 60 Toxicity
Light - slightly OP stats and 50 Toxicity
Vanilla - vanilla stats and 50 Toxicity

Includes NG+ potion drinking sound FIX

Permissions and credits
Started this project as a number of fixes to Balanced Decoction mod, as always it grew into something more.

This mod makes decoctions more useful, and not too overpowered.

DEATHMARCH - is a balanced version, which has increased stats and lowered toxicity to 60, but has limits and is more about getting results a bit faster. Werewolf and Fiend Decoctions now has even lower toxicity. (15 and 30)
LIGHT - has slightly OP and maybe in some cases OP stats. Toxicity is reduced to 50.
VANILLA -this version is for those who likes vanilla decoctions but feels that they take too much toxicity. Toxicity is reduced to 50.


-1- Katakan Decoction
Increases critical hit chance.
Vanilla: 5%
DR_Deathmarch: 15%

-2- Arachas Decoction
Reduces damage received based on armor and inventory weight: less weight carried and lighter armor means less damage is taken.
Vanilla: 20%
DR_Deathmarch: 30%

-3- Cockatrice Decoction
All alchemy creations can be used one additional time.
Vanilla: No value

-4- Archgriffin Decoction
If any Stamina is available, strong strikes consume all of it and reduce the struck foe’s Vitality by 5% after their normal damage is calculated.
Vanilla: 5% (20 strikes to kill anyone, even boss)
DR_Deathmarch: 7% (14 strikes to kill anyone)
DR_Light:15% (7 strikes to kill anyone)

-5- Water Hag Decoction
Damage dealt is increased when Vitality is at its maximum.
Vanilla: 50%
DR_Deathmarch: 75%

-6- Nightwraith Decoction
Geralt’s maximum Vitality is increased with each foe killed. This increase lasts until he meditates or fast travels.
Vanilla: 50
DR_Deathmarch: random 40-60

-7- Ekimmara Decoction
Damage dealt to foes restores Vitality.
Vanilla: 10%

-8- Chort Decoction
Provides complete resistance to the Stagger effect and reduces the Knock-down effect to Stagger.
Vanilla: No value

-9- Foglet Decoction
Increases Sign Intensity during cloudy weather.
Vanilla: 25%
DR_Deathmarch: 50%

-10- Wyvern Decoction
Each blow landed increases Attack Power until either the fight ends or damage (other than that from potion Toxicity) is taken.
Vanilla: 1%, max stack -1 // infinite stack, but you'll need 100 blows to have 100% increase, good luck with that :)
DR_Deathmarch: 6% stack 16 // 16 blows to to a maximum of 96% Attack Power increase
DR_Light:10% stack 15 // 15 blows to a maximum of 150% Attack Power increase

-11- Doppler Decoction
Increases critical hit damage when attacking from behind.
Vanilla: 50%
DR_Deathmarch: 100%

-12- Troll Decoction
Regenerate additional Vitality during and outside of combat.
Vanilla: 100, 20

-13- Noonwraith Decoction
Significantly reduces effects of Knockdown, Hypnosis, Stun and Blindness effects.
Vanilla: No value

-14- Succubus Decoction
Attack Power grows over the course of a fight until reaching a maximum threshold.
Vanilla: 1%, max stack 30 // 1% AP every 2 seconds until 30% - 1 minute for full AP bonus
DR_Deathmarch: 3% max stack 10 // 3% AP every 2 seconds until 30% - 20 seconds for full AP bonus
DR_Light:10% max stack 4 // 10% AP every 2 seconds until 40% - 8 seconds for full AP bonus

-15- Alghoul Decoction
Adrenaline Points are generated more quickly than normal until the first successful enemy attack.
Vanilla: 50%
DR_Deathmarch: 80%

-16- Fiend Decoction
Increases the amount of weight the witcher can carry without being overburdened.
Vanilla: 20
DR_Deathmarch: 100 (30 Toxicity)
DR_Light:160 (10 Toxicity)

-17- Forktail Decoction
Combining fast and strong attacks with Sign abilities increases Attack Power of the next attack or Sign Intensity of the next Sign casted.
Vanilla: 50%, 50%
DR_Deathmarch: 70%, 60%
DR_Light: 80%, 80%

-18- Grave Hag Decoction
Each foe slain accelerates Vitality regeneration for the duration of the battle.
Vanilla: 5, max stack -1 // usually there are 5-6 enemies, meaning 20-25 regen on the last foe.
DR_Deathmarch: 10, max stack 5 // 50 regen on the last foe, but only stacks 5 times.
DR_Light: 10, max stack -1 // double the vanilla regen rate.

-19- Wraith Decoction
Whenever a single hit drains more than a third of Vitality, a Quen shield is activated which protects against the next attack.
Vanilla: 30%
DR_Deathmarch: 30%
DR_Light: 20%

-20- Earth Elemental Decoction
Increases resistance to Vitality-depleting critical effects applied during combat. The resistance level rises the longer the critical effect is applied.
Vanilla: 10%, 10%, 10% (burning, poison, bleeding)
DR_Deathmarch: 50%, 50%, 50% (burning, poison, bleeding)
DR_Light: 80%, 80%, 80%

-21- Ekhidna Decoction
Performing actions that consume Stamina restore Vitality.
Vanilla: 10%

-22- Ancient Leshen Decoction
Each Sign cast increases Stamina regeneration for the remainder of the fight.
Vanilla: 2, max stack -1
DR_Deathmarch: 4, max stack 10 // double regen max stack 10
DR_Light: 6, max stack -1 // triple vanilla regen.

-23- Basilisk Decoction
Buffs a randomly selected Sign at dusk and dawn. The effect lasts for six hours.
Vanilla: No value

-24- Werewolf Decoction
Running, sprinting and jumping outside combat does not use Stamina.
Vanilla: No value
DR_Deathmarch: (15 Toxicity)
DR_Light: (10 Toxicity)

-25- Nekker Warrior Decoction
Mounts never panic. Increases mounted combat damage.
Vanilla: 50%
DR_Deathmarch: 150%
DR_Light: 200%

-26- Leshen Decoction
A portion of the damage dealt by enemies is reflected back on the attacker.
Vanilla: 10, 2% / 2% of damage taken + 10
DR_Deathmarch: 80, 20% / 20% of damage taken + 80
DR_Light: 150, 50% / 50% of damage taken + 150

-27- Griffin Decoction
Taking damage raises damage resistance (up to an upper limit) for the remainder of the fight.
+1% Resistance to Slashing Damage
+1% Resistance to Piercing Damage
+1% Resistance to Bludgeoning Damage
+1% Resistance to Monster Damage
+1% Resistance to Elemental Damage
Vanilla: 1%, max stack 25 // +25% maximum resistances after 25 hits
DR_Deathmarch: 4%, max stack 6 // +24% maximum resistances after 6 hits
DR_Light: 12%, max stack 3 // +36% maximum resistances after 3 hits

-28- Reliever’s Decoction
Increases damage dealt and decreases damage taken against wraiths.
+10% Damage to Wraiths
+15% Resistance to Slashing Damage
+15% Resistance to Piercing Damage
+15% Resistance to Bludgeoning Damage
+15% Resistance to Monster Damage
+15% Resistance to Elemental Damage
Vanilla: 10%, 15%
DR_Deathmarch: 25%, 15% // just increases damage to Wraiths, you don't really need the extra resistances
DR_Light: 50%, 25% //

Big thanks to Infernal for his amazing Balanced Decoctions mod, which was an inspiration to create this one.

--=My other mods=--
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Version log
1.2Throwed in NG+ decoction drinking sound fix. Don't know why those sounds were missing in NG+.
Fiend Decoction Toxicity lowered
Werewolf Decoction Toxicity lowered
Archgriffin Decoction lowered it was just too OP.
1.0 Initial release