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Time slows down after reaching certain adrenaline points

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Time slows down to specified value after reaching certain adrenaline points

Installation: unpack and copy both folders to your 'Witcher 3' folder, don't use any installation managers. Use script merger if you have other mods changing

This mod is inspired by and
I never paid attention to adrenaline, it always seemed quite useless to me, so i decided to use it as a little 'buff' to spice up gameplay a little bit. 

Update 0.999
Now there's menu where you can specify parameters to your taste.
Start of SlowMotion (quantity of Adrenaline) - how much adrenaline you need to start slowmotion
Starting SlowMotion - what slowmotion you get upon reaching specified adrenaline
Final SlowMotion - what slowmotion you get upon reaching maximum adrenaline
1 is 100% of game speed (0% slowdown) and 0.05 is 5% of game speed (95% slowdown)
Just make sure that final slowmo is always equal to or lower than starting :)
E.g you can set that 80% slowmo starts when you have 0.5 adrenaline points and smoothly decrease to 60% while you're reaching 3 adrenaline points. If you set 'Start of SlowMotion' to 3, then the game will slow down to specified 'final slowmotion' when you reach max adrenaline.

Hope you enjoy it!