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ViBear Armor, Merge Upper Part of Kaer Morhen Armor And Shoulders With the Grand Master Bear Armor lvl5.

Permissions and credits

Bear Armor

This mod Replace for Grand Master Bear Armor lvl5.

Merge Upper Part of Kaer Morhen Armor (Viper) And Shoulders With the Grand Master Bear Aromr (Ursine) lvl5, No State Change Only Textures and Meshes.

Basically the idea was taken from
BearLovesViper mod by Dracthul, When I saw his mod I tried to use it with AMM but I didn't figured out how to use them together, so I decided to create the armor in one meshe, Using it for my self first, and now I love to share it for every one here.

Thanks to
Dracthul, and the credits goes to him for the idea, or for every one who share this idea.

This mod is tested and it's work 100% with no bugs, my game ver 1.31 not GOTY steam.

Ver 1.31f:
Remove Belt Bag.
2. Add Short Skirt.
3. Fix Medallion animation (Without Using Gloves).

Main files:
1. GM ViBear.
2. GM ViBear Alt 1
(Only Removes Fur).
3. GM ViBear Alt 2 (Removes Fur and Belt).

Optional files:
1. GM ViBear Short Skirt.
Be Sure the Highest Priority is for Skirt.

Files modification list:

Meshes modified:
1. belt_05_mg__bear.
2. g_05_mg__bear.
3. g_05a_mg__bear.
4. pendant_05_mg__bear_lv5.
5. pendant_05_mg__bear_lv1 \add.
6. t_05_mg__bear.
7. t_05a_mg__bear.

Other Files modified:
1. t_05_mg__bear_lvl5_meshes \modified for medallion.
2. t_05a_mg__bear_lvl5_meshes \modified for medallion.
3. dyng_pendant_01_mg__bear.w3dyng \modified for medallion.
4. d_05_mg__bear_px.redcloth \modified for Skirt.

Textures modified:
1. belt_05_mg__bear_d01.
2. d_05_mg__bear_a01.
3. d_05_mg__bear_d01.
4. d_05_mg__bear_n01.
5. d_05_mg__bear_s01.
6. g_05_mg__bear_a01.
7. g_05_mg__bear_d01.
8. l_03_mg__bear_a01.
9. l_03_mg__bear_d01.
10. s_05_mg__bear_a01.
11. s_05_mg__bear_d01.
12. t_05_mg__bear_a01.
13. t_05_mg__bear_d01.
14. t_05_mg__bear_s01 \add.
15. chainmail_a01 \add.
chainmail_d01 \add.
17. chainmail_n01 \add.
18. chainmail_s01 \add.
19. t_01_mg__viper_a01 \add.
20. t_01_mg__viper_d01 \add.
21. t_01_mg__viper_n01 \add.

This list to make sure what files are used in this mod to avoid conflicts.

1. The dye system is not work with this armor.
2. The viper (Kaer Morhen) armor textuers is in the same path of the GM bear armor (Ursine) lvl5 textures, so you can use any other texture for the viper (Kaer Morhen) armor, this will not make any conflicts.

Mod By deguzzi
Tucked hair for Grand Master Ursine armor

CDPR for the original assets.
Dracthul for the idea, or any one who share this.

Ask before do anything.

Thanks for every one, and I am sorry if I miss something, enjoy!