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Replaces some game's music for their OST versions.

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Edit: Final Version is out. Remember to remove old versions if using the new one.

Whispers Of Oxenfurt

- Update. Added new music for Elven Ruins and Kaer Morhen.
Delete the old mod from TW3 mods folder and install the new version.

Aen Seidhe

Kaer Morhen

- Update. Added some musics from TW1 to White Orchard, Velen and Novigrad.

- Various exploration musics from TW1
- New combat music, "Princess Striga".
- New combat music for Eredin, "Believe".
- Added some Vanilla combat musics from TW1
- New music for Mist Island.
- Added The Assassins of Kings TW2 theme for Roche's Camp.

There are 3 versions of the mod now.
- Option1 features all the newly added TW1 and TW2 musics.
- Option 2 is the same as the above with a small change to Kaer Morhen which will only play TW3 OST.
- Option 3 is a light version with only Whispers of Oxenfurt, Aen Seidhe and Kaer Morhen OSTs and the rest Vanilla.

Option 1 and 2 still have Whispers Of Oxenfurt and Aen Seidhe.

Remember choose only one version of the mod and replace. Same for updating.
Future plans might involve Skellige and Toussaint. No estimated time.

- Small update. Added the music Outskirts Night from TW1. Read the comments section for further details on this update.