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FOV Fix/Tweak by insane0hflex aka svaalbard

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FOV Fix/Tweak Fixes by insane0hflex aka svaalbard

This simple tweak modifies the FOV. Works on boats and 3rd person.

CLICK HERE TO: Check out my new FOV Slider mod instead!
You can customize your FOV on foot and on Horseback with it!

Otherwise, this mod works fine as well, but its basically obsolete because the FOV Slider mod is much better.

Updated and fixed for witcher v 1.10! If you have an older version of the witcher, the 1.10 version will probably not work, so download the older versions!

Also, stay tuned for my FOV slider mod! I starting working on it a long time ago, but lost interest/got busy with other things. Now I'm gonna finish it and link it here later :)

Does not affect cut scenes!

I only had time for a bit of testing, so please report anything abnormal/glitchy. Will test more thoroughly (would be nice if Witcher 3 shared their API/Class documentation).

I have provided 2 presets for users to download. The default values for the game are 70.f for sprinting, 60.f for thirdperson.

I recommend the 8070 version.

Here is an imgur gallery of some comparisons:
FOV Tweak or Fix imgur

How to install:
Video tutorial on how to install Witcher 3 mods

Or just copy the mod folder into your /Witcher 3/mods folder.

Or just use the latest version of NMM (probably works)

How this is done:

By modifying:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\content\content0\scripts\game\player\r4Player.ws

lines 3700+

if (sprintingCamera)
DampVectorConst( sprintOffset, camOffsetVector, smoothSpeed, timeDelta );
             moveData.cameraLocalSpaceOffset = sprintOffset;
                //default is 70.f
               DampFloatSpring( camera.fov, fovVel, 80.f, 1.0, timeDelta );
                sprintOffset = moveData.cameraLocalSpaceOffset;

                //default is 60.f
                DampFloatSpring( camera.fov, fovVel, 70.f, 1.0, timeDelta );
                previousOffset = false;

All mods released must have the following text:
"Made with the Witcher III Modding Tool, developed and released by CD PROJEKT RED for use with The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. © 2014 and ™ CD PROJEKT RED. All rights reserved. Check out the Witcher III Modding Tool here: [http://redkit.cdprojektred.com/]”