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Reverts the radial menu to the original style, where pressing the button brings up the menu while the action continues in slow motion instead of completely pausing.

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I came to the game quite late, so when I saw some gameplay clips after I'd been playing it for a while, I couldn't understand why their radial menus kept the action going in slow motion while mine just paused it outright. The slow motion version looked so much nicer and more immersive than simply freezing everything mid-battle any time you wanted to change signs or chug potions. I eventually discovered that you can continuously hold the button to activate slow motion but that's impossible for me to do. So here's a little script edit that reverts the radial menu back to its slo-mo glory days. MANY thanks to Wolfmark for patiently explaining the innerworkings of the radial menu coding to me.

If you use FriendlyHUD, this isn't necessary since ghost's mod already has a setting that allows you to choose your radial menu speed. I made this when I first started playing the game, before discovering FH. But I'm leaving it online in case anyone out there simply wants the radial menu motion without a whole HUD overhaul.