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This mod gives you back the original Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher first episode

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This mod gives you back the original

Geralt of Rivia

from The Witcher first episode.

If you are already get used to the new faces this mod is not for you :)

Use a lot, restore the fame of the original Geralt of Rivia!

If you like it, please endorse and share it with others!

Oh, and if you are a TW3 face fan and don't like this: I don't care! :)
I made this for myself and for the oldest hardcore TW1 fans not for you.
Simply don't use it, take an other face mod there are a lot...

I'm in a so situation I met the witcher series in 2016 and I began with TW1, after that with all of the books. Luckily for me the new faces are unfamiliar and I even couldn't play TW2 and TW3. I had to make a mod for them. I'm wondering nobody else before me was so disturbed to made, but I did. Before I never made mods, I started to learn blender and gimp just because of these mods in this january. I used the TW1 head model in both mods, the textures also nearly the same. I think they still not perfect, maybe later I can make them better :)

Check out my other mods:
- for The Witcher 1: Geralt face and leather jacket retextured
- for The Witcher 2: The original Geralt of Rivia mod

First TEST release

Until now I couldn't export the eye FBX with modkit, so there I must use the original eye so there could be some white areas in some close scenes.
I didn't play the TW3 yet, so I couldn't test the HoS mark or the robbery mask, so If you find any problem with it please contact me.