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Mod for the Master Craftsman Quest Rewards - Joana's armor and Hattori's sword replaced.

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Note, this mod is not maintained anymore, and thus comes as is.
Do not apply, when using LFT

Update v2.0
Main mod contains now also the changed item from Hattori, the reward "Negotiator" silver sword, instead of the steel sword "Blade of the Bits".
The latter couldn't be considered as appropriate reward.

Update v1.0.1
Reward Optional Armors: "Oathbreaker" and "Shiadhal", relics as well.

Initial release v1.0
Mod for the Master Armorer Quest Reward (Joana's armor). Changes the reward Witchhunter armor to reward Thyssen armor.


Geralt is a witcher, not a witchhunter. I consider the reward witchhunter armor from Joana a major design mistake by CDPR, as just implausible.
Witchhunters after all are rather his enemies and of his "friends" and at least of a few beloved ones. That reward needed to be fixed finally in my current x-tiest playthrough right before i finish the quest.

Why the Thyssen armor? It fits quite good regarding the quest and its stats. Stats are not too far away from the witchhunter reward and it comes with properties like a grand poison resistance and Quen projectile resistance. Just look what happens during the quest, what Joana tells and the base she built the reward armor for Geralt.

In the end it primarily fixes a "design fault" for me. I thought i could share that for the ones who are as well eventually not very happy with the witchhunter reward armor. Here you go then.

a. Unzip the file to your preferred location.
b. Put the modfile "modReward..." into your mods folder (check below "file info").

a. Uninstall with removal of the modfile.
b. Re-run script-merger, when formerly applied with this mod (see below "file info").

File info
1. The modfile is a xml file, so it is not mod merge-friendly (in mod merger noted as such).
2. It eventually needs script-merging "bundle text" (it's not a script file), when certain mods are installed, which come
as well with according xml modded files. In my case it was FCR3 (the known quasi-overhaul and fix mod by a CDPR W3 coder).
Just apply script-merger! Works normally without any issues (merges conflicts automatically).

The mod should work flawlessly with every W3 language version, Wild Hunt and all DLCs.

Enjoy, DaVincix.

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