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You like the look of the Viper Armour on Geralt? .... Then you'll love it on Ciri!.

Permissions and credits
Special Thanks to CDPR for a great game and original meshes used for this mod.

A massive THANK YOU to Votislav for the permission to include his/her awesome Viper Armor texture in this mod. In my opinion it suits Ciri darn well. 

Check it out!
Your Favorite HOS Viper Armor Retexture

Textures Compatibility

  • The Viper Armor textures by Votislav cannot be changed as it is part of this mod. 
  • Using different Viper textures for Geralt DOES NOT affect this mod.
  • This mod is compatible with the : HD Chainmail for Viper Armors by CAPA14 (not used in the screenshots)

What this Mod Changes/Adds?

Outfit 2 - Get this

  • Remodels Ciri's outfit collection to fit new outfit (Outfit 1)
  • Fixes issues with trouser not being attached to armour when walking 
  • Fixes weight issues whereby arms twist too much or too little
  • Replaces arm area with default dlc design and replaces textures (brown)
  • Fixes issue whereby hooded armour was used without a hoodie or (fur)
  • Fixes minor clipping issue with armour when a hoodie is worn 

Outfit 1
  • Remodels Ciri's outfit collection to fit new outfit (Outfit 1)

How to activate this mod?
This mod requires Ciri's DLC outfit to function. 
Assuming you have the DLC, Turn it on to activate the mod. 

Mod not working?
  • Tested only on GoG 1.31 of the Witcher 3. So it might not work on other versions of the game. 

Current Known Issues 
  • Minor Weight Issues which affects the arm, causing the arms to either twist too much or too little sometimes in cut-scenes. Working to fix this issues by finding the proper weight balance. Only few people will notice :)
  • Minor Clipping Issues when sword is sheath. (see screenshots)

Future Updates
  • Refining and Fixing.
  • If this mod does well, then expect new outfit design. 

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