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Adds Gwent cards to appropriate vendors without breaking questlines. Instead of chasing around those pesky random minor cards, buy them from a centralized store. Compatible with W3EE and Ghost Mode.

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Immersive™ Gwent Store

Immersive™ Gwent Store adds cards to appropriate stores in the game. It does not add cards that are quest rewards, parts of the base decks or lootable/missable cards. Only those random cards you might get from winning matches against players of no particular skill or the cards you have to buy from vendors. This allows you to build a somewhat competitive deck without breaking the progression. This mod was mainly built for players like me that have already completed those Gwent quests, got the achievements and want to start a new game with one less collectathon. Compatible with The Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition Mod and The Ghost Mode.

This mod was inspired by the Gwent Card Vendor mod by Mangekyoumadara1987. If you want a mod that enables you to buy ALL the cards, that is the mod you want. My mod it's more about making the progression a bit faster. Also, the game probably will not let you buy duplicates of cards you already own. The card limits were left untouched.

You will find these cards on two different stores:

Marcus T.K. Hodgson's Bookstore on Hierarch Square in Novigrad: This store will sell all the cards from the base game and the Hearts of Stone expansion (once again excluding the ones you have to actually play for, like Olgierd, Toad etc,).

Rafael de Surmann in The Ducal Camerlengo office in Beauclair: This store will sell all the Skellige cards, excluding the ones from the base deck. So you don't need to travel all around the Duchy to get those 19 extra cards.

AKA These two fine gentleman:

The reason behind separating the Skellige cards and the base game cards is to avoid breaking the Blood & Wine quest progression. Normally when you play the game the Skellige faction is not added to your Librabry untill you aquire a Skellige card and as soon as you get one the game prompts the Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige's Here quest.


As simple as you think. Just download the appropriate version, unzip and copy the content to yout Mods folder.

There are 3 versions: a normal version based on the unmodded game, this version can probably be merged with Script Merger if you need.

AND two different versions; one compatible with W3EE - The Witcher 3: Ehanced Edition mod and another one compatible with the Ghost Mode. DO NOT MERGE THIS VERSIONS. They were built around the files of the mods that modifiy the inventory of stores. So you really do not need to merge at all. Unless you know what you are doing and do it manually. 

The only thing you need to pay attention when you install the GM or W3EE versions is that you have to make sure my mod gets top priority winning the conflicts between it and W3EE/GM. You can either set those priorites on The Witcher 3 mod manager or just make sure the folder containing my mod comes first in alphabetical order than W3EE/GM. By default I named those versions in a way that they should load first anyway, but if you have problems with the compatibility versions check the load order.  

Listing which cards are avaible to buy is just pointless. It is pretty much every card around. If you find a card that was suposed to be there (remember: only cards that you win from random vendors or buy from their stores) feel free to inform via a bug report. Instead of informing which cards you can buy, I am going to be a cool kid and tell you which cards you CANNOT buy: