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This will fix the oil to use against spiders.

Spiders in the original game are vulnerable to Spectre oil. This changes vulnerability to Insectoid Oil.
Ghost Spider are still vulnerable to Spectre oil as far I can tell.

Permissions and credits
This will fix both small and big spiders susceptibility to Insectoid Oil instead of Spectre Oil as it in the Vanilla game

Mod modifies only .w2ent - files of said monsters, so no scripts involved. This should work with Auto Apply Oil - mods, tell me if that is in deed the case :)

Use W3MM or NMM to install. Manually files go to /Witcher 3/Mods/
User of Ghost Mode and Brutal Blood use just the fix, and don't mind when script merger detects overlapping, just give this fix priority and you're all set. 

Some total conversions mods do conflict, I'll make fix for them, just post the issue.
* Ghost Mod version uploaded as an optional file. Thanks Walteriusmaximus
* Brutal Blood version uploaded as  an optional file. Thanks BlurredNotions

Credit for whom credits are due:
rfuzzo and KNG for mental encouragement SheepDarklord for the issue wghost81 for the Ghost Mode fix - files ulug for the Brutal Blood fix - files