The Witcher 3
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Most bombs are just too useless, not worth the hassle of using them. This mod makes bomb an actual tool.

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I always loved the idea of bombs in The Witcher 3, but I almost never use them (apart from Grapeshot and Dancing Star) because they are just too weak. A bomb should be able to kill regular enemies in one-shot or to actually crow control them. Northern Wind had a 4s freeze duration - what a joke.

Suggestion: I use the Preparations mod, it makes all alchemy items a bit more difficult to craft. That way bombs will actually cost you something, unlike the vanilla Dwarven Spirit which is plentiful.


Dancing Star
Increased damage and lingering fire duration (in seconds).
Vanilla - 100, 100, 100 initial damage; 4, 7, 10 lingering duration; 20, 30, 40 fire over time damage
Modded - 500, 1000, 1500 initial damage; 20, 40, 60 lingering duration; 200, 400, 600 fire over time damage

Devil's Puffball
Increased damage and lingering poison duration (is seconds).
Vanilla - 100, 100, 100 initial damage; 10, 10, 30 lingering duration; 20, 30, 40 poison over time damage
Modded - 500, 1000, 1500 initial damage; 20, 40, 60 lingering duration; 200, 400, 600 poison over time damage

Dragon's Dream
Dramatically increased damage. 100% chance of burning. The reason behind this huge buff is that it's difficult to actually use this bomb.
Vanilla - 300, 400, 400
Modded - 2000, 3500, 5000

Dimeritium Bomb
Increased duration. Very situational bomb, at least not it lasts a bit.
Vanilla - 15, 30, 30
Modded - 60, 90, 120

Increased damage. This is Geralt's grenade, it should actually kill like a grenade. Damage is physical/silver/fire.
Vanilla - 350/350/5, 600/600/600/10, 600/600/10
Modded - 1500/1500/500, 2500/2500/750, 3500/3500/1000

Increased duration (in seconds). I really don't understand these short lived effects, there isn't much you can do in 4-8 seconds, maybe swing your sword a few times.
Vanilla - 4, 6, 8
Modded - 20, 25, 30

Moon Dust
Increased duration (in seconds).
Vanilla - 20, 40, permanent
Modded - 30, 45, permanent

Northern Wind
Increased duration (in seconds). I love CDPR, but I just can't understand the duration of this bomb's effect. What can you do in 4 seconds? What? Especially considering how difficult it is to throw a bomb mid-combat.
Vanilla - 4, 4, 4
Modded - 20, 25, 30

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