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Changes sword holding animation.

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Change-log: Added compatible file with Control version of Dodge Like Witcher. Credits goes to AZwaffelForAWaffle and Counter77 for making this version possible. Thanks!

Changes the casual vanilla sword walk with something which tries to imitate badass walking with sword seen in old footage. 

Be sure to check the vid!

So how does this work? It makes Geralt think that he is walking through shallow water, every time. It probably won't look good with for example Double-Handy mod. I'll try to look into E3DodgeMod incompatibilities later.


Simply download the mod, unzip it and put it in your mods folder.
If you are using Immersive Motion for slower walking animations, give my mod higher priority!

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Witcher 2 Geralt (E3 2013 trailer) by TudorAdrian and crashman1390
I'm using new, fixed ponytail for Geralt, soon™ to be released.

E3 2013 and VGX Viper Armour by  crashman1390
Immersive Motion - Stand-alone by ksolberg
New Lightning Effect by Hyadum27

 Hyadum27 for creating a script for me!
 AZwaffelForAWaffle and Counter77 for creating compatible version with mod Control version of Dodge Like Witcher.
 Scoutbr0 for making cool ass screenshots for me.
 And also to: