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Improves and changes damage, statistics and effects of all bolts and crossbows in the game making them a far more viable option in battle. Compatible with patch 1.08.2

Permissions and credits

The Ranged Combat Overhaul has been inspired by the Improved Bolts mod and hopes to extend this idea into a full ranged combat overhaul that will make the crossbow a much more viable alternative in combat. What I'm going for with this mod is to give each ammunition type a distinct use case, extend customisability of bows and broaden the range of damage types and effects available. For a full list of changes by version have a look at the changelog and please leave any comments, suggestions, bugs etc in the comments section. They're always welcome. Compatible with 1.12.1 and NG+

- Features -
Improved Ranged Damage (All bolts have been beefed up slightly.)
Crossbow Enhancements (Enhance your crossbows with Weapon Runes.)
Additional Bolt Effects (Stun, Knockdown, Bleeding, Repeating)

- Compatibility -
Ranged Combat Redone will not be compatible with mods that change the following files; (The Enhancement System specifically has problems with Merging.)

- Installation Instructions -
unzip the modRCR archive in your <game-dir>/mods folder. 
load a save or start a new game

changelog 1.81
----- BUGS ----- 
Bleeding no long kills enemies within half a second. 
Repeater Bolts now correctly stack with Trick Shot. 
Now compatible with patch 1.12.1. 
UI Elements integrated into en.w3strings 

changelog v1.70
----- BOLTS -----
Broadhead Bolt (reduced bleeding duration to 25)
Broadhead Bolt Legendary (replaced bleeding effect on legendary broadhead bolts and increased duration to 45)
Repeater Bolt (new bolt type added allows crossbow to have a 5 shot auto reload.)
Repeater Bolt Legendary (new bolt type added increases repeater bolt damage from 35 to 60)
----- RECIPES -----
Repeater Bolt Schematic (changed name and description strings to properly reflect bolt type)
Legendary Bolt Schematics (added crafting recipes for all legendary bolt types including new repeater bolt type. All schematics can be purchased from the shady merchant just inside the king of begger's nest in novigrad.)
----- ECONOMY -----
Bolt & Schematic Prices (Rebalance bolt and schematic prices, bolts should now no longer be incredibly expensive. Likewise bolts can no longer be so easily crafted to turn a profit.)
changelog v1.62
------ BUG FIX -------
fixed dlc13 changes being unavailable in NG+