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Remove nudity from Witcher 3. Works for ALL DLC and expansion packs (HoS, B&W) including romance scenes (see details below). For those who want to enjoy the Witcher with a little modesty filter.

Permissions and credits
Big shout out to TheRoosterLord for his work on this type of mod. You can see his mod here. My mod is a different type of censor in that I have primarily modified .w2ent files and appearances to add clothing to nude characters rather than a texture replace to their nude texture files. While the texture replacement method works, it still looks like body paint to me, so I attempted to try to add clothing instead. To be fair though, I did end up having to use the texture replace method for the sirens, lady of the lake, and bruxa monster form though. They have no lingerie options and I cannot find an item or a way to add the lingerie mesh to a body mesh. To note - I've also had to choose colors for all of the clothing additions because of B&W's new texture system, so bare with me on my artistic taste in choosing colors and tops haha.

Built for 1.31/GOTY edition

If anyone uses my mod and finds I have missed nudity somewhere, please post in this mod's forum with details of where you found it so I can update my mod. Providing me with a game save file is most ideal and will allow faster turn around of an update. I'll also post a ref list of all the censors I've added - if you know of a nude model not on my list please let me know. Thanks!

Install: unzip to your Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\mod folder and boot up the game!

As reference, below is a complete list of files I have modified for this mod:

Patch Notes:
1.1 - Fixed Yennefer and Geralt 2nd romance pre-rendered scene at Kaer Morhen.
1.2 - Fixed "Man from Cintra" quest from B&W DLC where Lisa was topless being painted during masquerade ball.
1.3 - Fixed "A Matter of Life and Death", "Carnal Sins", and "Through Time and Space" quests. Ekhidnas (monster form sirens) also have scale tops now.
1.4 - Fixed Practicum in Alchemy quest (was fixed for 1.1 and 1.2, but I accidentally broke the fix for 1.3. All good to go now!)
    • items\bodyparts\geralt_items\legs\bare\l_01_mg__body.w2ent
    • items\bodyparts\geralt_items\legs\bare\l_01_mg__body_wet.w2ent
    • His base legs now include the underwear item. Hoping this doesn’t clip or break something in the game… If it does, I will have to either paint it on his leg texture (rather than appear as an attachment which looks more realistic) or modify the quests files - which is basically every sex scene in the game).
    • quests\minor_quests\skellige\quest_files\mq2038_shieldmaiden\characters\mq2038_shieldmaiden.w2ent
    • Appearances:
    • quests\secondary_npcs\keira_metz.w2ent
    • Appearances: naked, naked_wet
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q104_mine\scenes\q104_00i3_keira_welcomes.w2scene
    • quests\side_quests\no_mans_land\quest_files\sq101_keira\scenes\sq101_06_sex_keira.w2scene
    • quests\main_npcs\triss.w2ent
    • Appearances: triss_naked
    • quests\sidequests\novigrad\quest_files\sq306_maverick\characters\sq306_sacha.w2ent
    • Appearance: __sq306_sacha_naked,__sq306_sacha_panties
    • dlc\ep1\data\quests\main_npcs\shani.w2ent
    • Appearance: shani_naked
    • dlc\bob\data\quests\main_npcs\syanna.w2ent
    • Appearance: syanna_naked, syanna_naked_cens, syanna_naked_hood_off, syanna_naked_hood_off_ribbon
    • quests\main_npcs\yennefer.w2ent
    • animations\cutscenes\skellige\q201_pirates\cs201_sex_with_yennefer\cs201_sex_with_yennefer.w2cutscene
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q401_konsylium\scenes\q401_06_06_sex_with_yennefer_w2scene
    • Appearances: yennefer_naked, yennefer_naked_no_hair, yennefer_naked_no_hair_arabic, yennefer_panties
    • Special modification for Yen’s unicorn sex scene. Animation no longer removes her top. (I used the Japanese censored version which functions, but the lighting was awful, and it only removed the animation of her snapping her fingers to the remove her top anyway…so I ended up just breaking the animation to censor. I may return and force her to have on clothing that the spell can remove that clothing and leave her in lingerie instead).
    • Special mod for Yen and Geralt's love scene at Kaer Morhen. This is pre-rendered scene, so I modified the w2scene file to play the JP censored version. (see version 1.1)
  • Pegleg Brothel CENSORED | COLORED
    • gameplay\community\shops_and_craftsmen\novigrad\brothel_district\ novigrad_brothel_dist_pegleg_peggys_girl_01.w2ent
    • Appearance: prostitute_05_panties, prostitute_05_naked (Suzy)
    • gameplay\community\shops_and_craftsmen\novigrad\brothel_district\novigrad_brothel_dist_pegleg_peggys_girl_02.w2ent
    • Appearances: prostitute_04_panties, prostitute_04_naked (Bertha)
    • gameplay\community\shops_and_craftsmen\novigrad\brothel_district\ novigrad_brothel_dist_pegleg_peggys_girl_03.w2ent
    • Appearance: prostitute_06_panties, prostitute_06_naked (Mercia)
  • Passiflora Brothel CENSORED | COLORED
    • gameplay\community\shops_and_craftsmen\novigrad\rich_district\\novigrad_rich_district_passiflora_girl_01.w2ent
    • Appearance: courtesan_07 (Viola)
    • gameplay\community\shops_and_craftsmen\novigrad\rich_district\\novigrad_rich_district_passiflora_girl_02.w2ent
    • Appearance: courtesan_08_panties, courtesan_08_naked (Narcissa)
    • gameplay\community\shops_and_craftsmen\novigrad\rich_district\\novigrad_rich_district_passiflora_girl_03.w2ent)
    • Appearance: __passiflora_elven_prostitute (Amyrnn)
  • Courtisan_naked CENSORED | COLORED
    • gameplay\community\community_npcs\novigrad\regular\novigrad_courtisan_naked.w2ent
    • Appearances: courtesan_01_panties (01-09)
  • Three Witches - CENSORED | COLORED
    • characters\models\monsters\witches\model\t_01_wa__brewess_beauty.w2mesh (Brewess)
    • characters\models\monsters\witches\model\t_01_wa__whispess_beauty.w2mesh (Whispess)
    • quests\main_npcs\witch_weavess_beauty.w2ent (Weavess)
    • Appearances: brewess, whispess, weavess
    • Note: This is the Bald mountain bloody cauldron scene version where Ciri walks in on the three making human stew
    • items\cutscenes\succubus_cs\succubus_cs.w2ent (Imlerith succubi)
    • quests\sidequests\skellige\quest_files\sq205_alchemist\characters\sq205_succubus.w2ent (Practicum in Alchemy succubus)
    • Appearances: succubus_01 (01-08 for Imlerith, 08 for Practicum)
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q205_frozen_coast\characters\q205_astrid.w2ent
    • Note: Young woman in sauna with Ciri
  • Astrid’s Mother CENSORED | COLORED
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q205_frozen_coast\characters\q205_mother.w2ent
    • Note: Older woman in sauna with Ciri
    • No old woman tops to go with her head model…The censored texture is awful looking, so I’m going with a copy of her fully clothed for now.
  • Sauna Girls - CENSORED | COLORED
    • gameplay\community\community_npcs\skellige\regular\skellige_naked_woman_no_vo.w2ent
    • Girls in Skellige sauna with Ciri
    • Appearances: bath_woman_01-06
  • Public Girls (Skellige) - CENSORED | COLORED
    • gameplay\community\community_npcs\skellige\regular\skellige_naked_woman.w2ent
    • Appearances: naked_woman_01-05
  • Public Girls (Novigrad) - CENSORED | COLORED
    • gameplay\community\community_npcs\novigrad\regular\novigrad_naked_citizen_woman.w2ent
    • Appearances: bath_woman_01-06
  • Sigi’s Bathhouse (quest q302_mafia) - CENSORED | COLORED
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q302_mafia\characters\q302_bathhouse_woman_1_towel.w2ent
    • Appearances: bath_woman_01-03
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q302_mafia\characters\q302_bathhouse_woman_2_towel.w2ent
    • Appearances: bath_woman_01-05
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q302_mafia\characters\q302_bathhouse_woman_3_towel.w2ent
    • Appearances: bath_woman_01-03
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q302_mafia\characters\q302_bathhouse_woman_1.w2ent
    • Appearances: naked_woman_01-03
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q302_mafia\characters\q302_bathhouse_woman_2.w2ent
    • Appearances: naked_woman_01-05
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q302_mafia\characters\q302_bathhouse_woman_3.w2ent
    • Appearances: naked_woman_04-06
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q302_mafia\characters\q302_bathhouse_community_woman.w2ent
    • Appearances: bath_woman_01-06
    • quests\part_1\quest_files\q302_mafia\characters\q302_bathhouse_community_woman_naked.w2ent
    • Appearances: bath_woman_04-06
  • Whoreson three victims in tub - CENSORED | COLORED
    • items\quest_items\q302\q302_item_whoresons_whores_slaughtered\body_d01.tga
    • items\quest_items\q302\q302_item_whoresons_whores_slaughtered\body_n01.tga
    • Game has the three women in the tub as an item rather than a character model. Replaced texture to censor.
  • Sirens - Cave of dreams (sq209) - CENSORED | COLORED
    • characters\models\monsters\siren\model\t_01__siren_d01.xbm
    • Note: Until I can find a way to add objects (like a top) to a character model, I changed the texture for the sirens using the dark scales to “body paint” over their breasts. Their breast are still very defined and exposed, so I’ll try and come back with a better sensor.
    • Appearances: siren_beauty_dialog
  • Bruxa (B&W) - CENSORED | COLORED
    • dlc\bob\data\quests\main_quests\quest_files\q701_wine_festival\characters\q701_bruxa.w2ent
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\monsters\bruxa\model\t_01_bruxa_a1.xbm
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\monsters\bruxa\model\t_01_bruxa_bloody_a01.xbm
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\monsters\bruxa\model\t_01_bruxa_bloody_d01.xbm
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\monsters\bruxa\model\t_01_bruxa_bloody_n01.xbm
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\monsters\bruxa\model\t_01_bruxa_cutscene_a01.xbm
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\monsters\bruxa\model\t_01_bruxa_cutscene_d01.xbm
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\monsters\bruxa\model\t_01_bruxa_cutscene_n01.xbm
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\monsters\bruxa\model\t_01_bruxa_d01.xbm
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\monsters\bruxa\model\t_01_bruxa_n01.xbm
    • Note: Replaced monster bruxa form with censored texture swap, swapped human form with crone beauty body.
  • Lady of the Lake (B&W, mq7006) - CENSORED | COLORED
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\models\secondary_npc\sq701_forest_nymph\model\sq701_forest_nymph_body_d01.xbm
    • Note: Same issue with no ability to add a top to a body model, so I edited the texture. Actually works really well with this one as she is underwater and it obscures it enough to look it like an actual object top.
  • Beauclair Brothel (B&W) - CENSORED | COLORED
    • dlc\bob\data\living_world\merchants\shop_47_city_prositute_girl_1.w2ent
    • Appearance: __lw_city_brothel_prostitute_01 (girl by paintings)
    • dlc\bob\data\living_world\merchants\shop_47_city_prositute_girl_2.w2ent
    • Appearance: __lw_city_brothel_prostitute_02 (girl by stairs)
    • dlc\bob\data\living_world\merchants\shop_47_city_prositute_girl_3.w2ent
    • Appearance: __lw_city_brothel_prostitute_03 (Madeliene)
  • Lisa the painted (B&W) - CENSORED | COLORED (see version 1.2)
    • dlc\bob\data\characters\npc_entities\secondary_npc\q703_lisa.w2ent
    • Appearances: __q703_lisa
  • Ekhidna (CENSORED | COLORED) (see version 1.3)
    • characters\models\monsters\siren\model\t_01__lamia_d02.xbm
    • characters\models\monsters\siren\model\t_01__morszczynka_d02.xbm
    • characters\models\monsters\siren\model\t_01__siren_d02.xbm
    • characters\models\monsters\siren\model\t_02__lamia_d02.xbm
    • Note: Used texture edit method.
  • “A Matter of Life and Death” quest - Courtesans at masquerade ball (CENSORED | COLORED) (see version 1.3)
    • quests\sidequests\novigrad\quest_files\sq301_triss\characters\sq301_woman_party_naked_all.w2ent
    • Appearances: courtesan_01_panties (01,04,06,09)
  • “Carnal sins” - Nettie and Patricia (CENSORED | COLORED) (see version 1.3)
    • quests\part_2\quest_files\q308_psycho\characters\q308_skwarka.w2ent (Nettie)
    • Appearance: burned_prostitute_gaged & burned_prostitute
    • items\quest_items\q308\q308_item__patricia_vengelbud_corpse_1_d01.tga (Patricia)
  • “Through Time and Space” (naked elf girl being painted) (CENSORED | COLORED) (see version 1.3)
    • quests\part_3\quest_files\q311_geels\characters\q311_elven_naked_woman.w2ent
    • Appearance: naked_elven_woman_01
    • items\quest_items\q311\q311_item__drawing_naked_ladies\q311_item__drawing_naked_ladies_d_01.tga (01-04) (Naked girl cards)
    • items\quest_items\q311\q311_item__painting_that_geel_is_painting\q311_item__painting_that_geel_is_painting_d01.tga (Naked elf girl painting by Geel)

Credit to Sarcen's Mod which I used to edit the files and pack blob/metadata: w3edit
Creidt to Capa14's mod which I used to pack the textures: w3oven