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100% complete save for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt + All DLC's incl. free DLC's. You won't find a more complete save file anywhere in the world. I completed and did everything, every event, quest, hidden, secret, unmarked treasure, smuggler's caches, gwent cards, contracts, monster nests, everything. PERFECT for New Game +.

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My 100% complete save for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt incl. Hearts of Stone, Blood and Wine + all free DLC's. My all time best gaming experience i've ever had and will defenitly never forget it. 

-Romanced Yen
-Ciri Witcher ending
-Nilfgaard Wins war, Temeria vassal state (Radovid, Dijkstra  dead)
-Full crew at Kaer Morhen
-Saved Olgierd von Everec
-Dettlaff dead
-Anna Henrietta + Syanna live
-Cerys queen of Skellige
-All Gwent cards incl. Hearts of Stone gwent cards
-Always chose deciscions in quests that gave most XP, for a few exceptions.
-Never skipped dialogue, never fast travelled due to amazing landscapes, and missable quests (duh)
-All crafting diagrams (enhanced, superior, mastercrafted, grandmaster)

~280 hours of play time 

-Grandmaster full set Wolven Armor
-Grandmaster full set Feline Armor, becouse it looks the best IMO, my favorite armor, looks very Witcher-y.
-Even completed the extremely easy to miss quests: A Walk On The Waterfront, Flesh For Sale, The Nobleman Statuette, The Soldier Statuette, Amidst The Mill's Grist, Cave of Dreams, Barengar's Blade & Finders Keepers.

-Currently it's not possible to 100% check all quests objectives to green, becouse of the 2 quests In The Heart Of The Woods and The Oxenfurt Drunk. 
That's why I have 2 saves: Save with the 2 quests completed, and a save with only those 2 quests left (for  those who can try to fix this problem via console, or in any way else, or if CDPR ever release a patch where they fix this problem)

I hope you find this useful! Perfect for NG+ or whatever you need it for, lol. Decided to share it, as no one on internet has a 100% full complete save file of this game yet.
Best game i've ever played. Props to CDPR and especially the writers of the team + the soundtrack composer, marcin przybyłowicz. A-m-a-z-i-n-g soundtrack. But besides the point. I hope you enjoy, and find it useful.

If you're unhappy with the Yen romance, or would rather have Ciri stay at home, you only need to change these things via the console command (vanilla console, not the mod):
WARNING: Do this before triggering the final cutscene of the game (in the quest Be It Ever So Humble)
removefact(sq202_yen_girlfriend) .

Or, if you'd rather have Triss stay, simply put this in the console:
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>You need all DLC's to play this.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<