The Witcher 3
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A more natural looking Triss (bushier eyebrows, more freckles, more detail, etc)

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If you don't like this file, don't download it. Please don't leave douchy comments.
I'm notorious for releasing mods that a majority of males won't approve of. But if people didn't like my mods, I wouldn't release them.
I'm really nice. Overly nice, in fact. My boyfriend is constantly telling me to stop being so nice. So please consider this, and try to be pleasant.
I do encourage constructive criticism! If you don't like this mod, feel free to tell me why! I'm in school for Computer Animation/Character Modeling/Etc, so feedback is very much appreciated.


I love Triss. She is by far my favorite character in The Witcher franchise. Other than Geralt, of course. I just wanted to make Triss special. I felt like she was way cuter like this, so here we are. I also wanted to take a break from Skyrim modding for a bit.
This just adds more detail to her face. It also adds freckles across her nose, more detail around her eyes (and removed that ugly makeup), and gives more body to her eyebrows (they're bushier). She's not some fancy model type, so I wanted to make her more natural and give her a more childish look.

This is also my first released mod for The Witcher 3! Woo! (however I have made many for personal use, so I'm no novice)

Install as you would any other TW3 mod. (Extract "modNaturalTriss" from within the 'GH-modNaturalTriss' archive into your Mod folder.)