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Removes the randomized food from the loot lists of just about every container and enemy. You might have to actually buy some meals or hunt the wildlife for meat in famine-stricken Velen.

Non-random food loot mostly remains intact.

Permissions and credits
To prevent issues with empty containers the loot list entries for containers and npc enemies were replaced with a couple of coins(crowns in the base game, florens in b&w). 

The vegelbud estate banquet during the quest "A Matter of Life and Death" had about 30 food-shaped lootable containers with over 10 non-random food items inside each of them. Reduced it to one food item per container.

Food was preserved in food-shaped containers but its amount reduced to 1.

You'll feel the famine of Velen vs the bonne vivance of Toussaint.

Installation: just extract the contents into your The Witcher 3 - Wild Hunt\Mods folder. Might not merge with other mods that also change def_loot_containers.xml.
Uninstall: Unmerge the files if you merged them before. Delete the extracted folder. 

Changed files:

-Figure out a way to preserve the vanilla game file's prettyprint repeating whitespaces between node attributes for easier merging.

Fat Geralt pic by Risto-licious