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This mod increases performance for all components through better communication between software and computer hardware.

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For those who have a problem with loading dialogues.

Open in the notebook .... \ Documents \ The Witcher 3 \ user.settings and change this lines



(should) work on every processor and graphics card (AMD & NVIDIA, INTEL & NVIDIA, AMD & AMD, AMD & NVIDIA). Report in posts where it does not work.

Because I started to get lost in two of my previous mods, I decided to spend one big universal mod.

Here, there will be not only mod, but also tricks causing a significant increase in computing power.

Productivity increase up to 20% depending on the configuration.

The mod will apply to AMD and NVIDIA hardware, which improves communication between the CPU and the graphics card, and increases the performance of DirectX and Physx libraries.

I could not get more power on NVIDIA cards than just from Physx effects. I found a newer version of the Physx library, which does not significantly, but slightly improves the operation (I think within 1-3 FPS, depending on the computer hardware).

1. Unpack the mod into the ... \ The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt \ bin \ x64 folder and replace the files.
2. Check if it works and enjoy the game.


The trick is to unload the CPU from one very absorbent power task: Cloth Simulation
If you still want to run Cloth Simulation on the GPU, navigate to your "...Documents/The Witcher 3" folder and make sure the following line is tweaked as follows in your "user.settings" file (use a text editor such as Notepad to open it):

AllowClothSimulationOnGpu=true <- GPU (default value: false <- CPU)

Of course, the optimization of the game will cause you to drop a few frames per second in some places.

My benchmark Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, 1920x1080, Uber, Hairworks Off, HBAO+, Sharpen Off, Place: Novigrad, Static position
29-12-2017, 00:07:10 witcher3.exe benchmark completed, 1264 frames rendered in 35.515 s
                     Average framerate  :   35.5 FPS
                     Minimum framerate  :   33.3 FPS
                     Maximum framerate  :   36.5 FPS
29-12-2017, 00:17:26 witcher3.exe benchmark completed, 1770 frames rendered in 50.594 s
                     Average framerate  :   34.9 FPS
                     Minimum framerate  :   30.5 FPS
                     Maximum framerate  :   36.2 FPS
Trick 2

For amazing 4k graphics, even on small screens with almost no damage FPS recommend to install mod by HalkHogan:


With my configuration (FX4100 + Radeon 7950) there was even a slight increase in the power of 1-2 FPS.


In Radeon Crimson drivers, you can set tessellation of 3D objects in an application or game. On AMD cards with NVIDIA Hairworks enabled, with default tessellation settings, "x64" frames per second drop by an average of 50%.
If we set the tessellation to "x16" ("x8" with very, very weak hardware), this difference decreases to even 10%. (Also without NVIDIA Hairworks, this will lead to frame-per-second gain)

Comparison of tessellations in gallery.

By the way, you can also set Texture filtering Quality on Performance, which speaks for itself, as well as enable OpenCL Triple Buffering, which can give us 3 FPS and enable Shaders Cache for faster loading of the game (especially on HDD disks). For better performance, we can also enable Surface Format Optimalization (it helps with flashing textures).

Trick 4

In some cases, it helps to enable these two modes in ...The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\base\rendering.ini file:
1. Adaptation of performance depending on how many graphic elements we see on the screen.
2. Forcing the probe in an environment that will collect data about what we see on the screen.

This helps especially with the effects of DOF (depth of field).

by hub997

Trick 5 by fmoritz
"As someone with a beefed out mini-itx rig , this has fixed a number of performance issues for me:
However,, you all might want to consider manually configuring non-pagedpool memory within Regedit instead of allowing Windows to since it's prone to memory leaks.

Just open up Regedit and copy and paste this into the navigation bar at the top:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management

Then set NonPagedPoolSize to anything you want (so long as it's a non-zero value since zero mean system managed ) but I would recommend it be set to 4gigs if you have more than 8-16gigs of memory (since the witcher 3 will open quickest at that amount if you want the speed boost) or a forth of your memory it's 4 gigs and under. 

You could even set it to 1mb if you want to disable it since all it really does is cache programs in your system memory so they start up faster, but it's kinda half-broken so..if you're getting memory leaks while having EVERYTHING maxed out in this game, it's the Windows non-paged memory cache."

WARNING! Enter the value in the decimal system.