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hub997 NVIDIA AMD Microsoft Intel Orbmu2k

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This mod increases performance for all components through better communication between software and computer hardware.

Permissions and credits
Versions for different hardware configurations, more in the file descriptions.

For those who use Ray Tracing:
Optimized Raytracing

Tested only on next-gen DirectX 11 version, unfortunately so far I have no way to test it on DirectX12, it just doesn't want to run in any way.

The files should also work with versions before the next-gen patch: 1.32, 1.31 and 1.30, just delete dxcompiler.dll and dxil.dll files.

Update only with major driver updates.


Report problems in the "Bugs" tab or write in the comments.
Mod work on every AMD and INTEL processor.

For those who have a problem with loading dialogues:
Open in the notebook .... \ Documents \ The Witcher 3 \ user.settings and change this lines:


Update only with major driver updates.Instruction:
1. Unpack the mod into the ... \ The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt \ bin \ x64 folder and replace the files.
2. Check if it works and enjoy the game.

Here, I still have some tricks for those seeking better performance for weak and medium computer configurations:

Trick 1 Cloth PhysX even works on AMD

The trick is to unload the CPU from one very absorbent power task: Cloth Simulation
If you still want to run Cloth Simulation on the GPU, navigate to your "...Documents/The Witcher 3" folder and make sure the following line is tweaked as follows in your "user.settings" file (use a text editor such as Notepad to open it):


AMD cards can not cope with tessellation, so it's a good idea to limit it to x16 or less.
Comparison of tessellations in gallery.
  • Set Texture filtering Quality on Performance
  • Turn On OpenGL Triple Buffering, which can give us 3 FPS (especially with limited frames per second, movie interludes, menus and animations)
  • Enable Shaders Cache for faster loading of the game (especially on HDD disks). 
  • For better performance enable Surface Format Optimalization (it helps with flashing textures).
  • Set the Tessellation Mode to x16 (or x8 for even more efficiency) because AMD cards, unlike NVIDIA, lose their performance at dense tessellation such as x64.

Trick 3 Adaptive performance

In some cases, it helps to enable these two modes in ...The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\base\rendering.ini file:
1. Adaptation of performance depending on how many graphic elements we see on the screen.
2. Forcing the probe in an environment that will collect data about what we see on the screen.

This helps especially with the effects of DOF (depth of field).

Trick 4 Hidden NVIDIA options

Thanks to the Nvidia Profile Inspector by Orbmu2k program, we have access to more options that can improve performance (the latest version can be downloaded in Optional files).
The following pictures are marked with lines that need to be changed to the same values ​​as in the picture for better performance with minimal loss of quality.
Recommended especially for very weak PCs that persist around 30 frames per second.

Settings may reset when updating graphic driver.

by hub997