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Remastered Witcher 1 prologue in Witcher 3

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • French

Missed the Anniversary but, didn't want to rush. Hope you guys enjoy!

All scenes (except for the obvious video ones) were made entirely by using the w2scene encoder and the Storyboard UI (SBUI) (extra editing by hand to the generated .yml in notepad++ for every single scene and additional mod editor editing for a handful of scenes).

Some scenes do look a bit shoddy (like the stairs scene... yuck), hope You understand...

  • Highly recommended that You remove ALL other mods (Just make a folder named _disabled or something inside the Mods folder and move all the other mods in there... Only mod folders that start with "mod" are active). Even Lighting mods that affect Kaer Morhen and music mods. Otherwise you will probably have bugs.
  • Copy the modWitcher folder into The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods\   (if Mods folder doesn't exist, create it)
  • Copy the dlcWitcher folder into The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\DLC\
  • If you have the GOTY version of the game, you will need The Unification Patch and Script merger
  • Run the game and select "New Game" and you will see the new option.
  • Download the hotfix to fix the "Take All" option when looting...
  • Polish language files in the sticky post or here

  • Remove this mods folders from Mods\ and DLC\


3D models and Textures (in alphabetical order):
  • Cercaphus
  • Holgar
  • paulscott
  • ScoutBr0
  • -The_Crasher- (crashman1390)

  • Cthulhu for sound tools
  • Mezziaz for teaching them to me :)                               
  • rmemr for his tools                                    
  • Traderain for the WolvenKit
  • Sarcen for the original Mod Editor!              
  • KamehamehaNudel for help with usm conversion.