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Changes chimney smoke to be more prominent.

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Important note
This mod contains five alternative, mutually exclusive versions. You can only use ONE VERSION at a time!

Hey everyone, this is a mod I’ve been working on for quite a while, and actually I published it on the official Witcher 3 forums some months back.
I thought that it was not looking optimal and that I might improve it further, but honestly, I've had no time to mod for the last couple of months. Thus, in order to offer what I could create so far to a larger audience, I finally decided to publish my mod here :).

What this mod does
Basically, what I tried is to replace chimney smoke in the game with something a little more “punchy” to get a more pronounced effect on the

I originally wanted to create something reminiscent of the smoke effects in earlier trailers, but I realized by now, that I cannot improve it
much further than what I have now.

Also, I created various versions along the process, and because tastes are different and even I can’t really decide which version I prefer the most, you’ll find 5 different mod versions in the file section:

Version 1: Defined, rather sharp smoke

Version 2: Smooth smoke

Version 3: Combination -> Some chimneys use version 1, others version 2

Version 4: Smoothest puffy smoke

Version 5: Dark and "oily" smoke (that's actually the only one still using Vanilla textures)

Some more details of what I changed:
  • Chimney smoke of most housings (but not all) has been changed
  • Maximum particle count has been raised
  • Four of the five versions use modified original textures or even some I made from scratch (only version 5 uses pure vanilla texture)
  • I deleted the lower quality LOD levels and raised the maximum distance for the remaining highest quality LOD of the smoke
  • Probably some more tweaks I've already forgotten about ;)

Installation instructions - READ CAREFULLY :)
  • Only choose one version at a time
  • Drop the folders (versions 1 to 4 contain two folders, version 5 only one folder) into your "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\Mods" folder
  • Only particle and texture files of smoke have been changed, no scripts at all. Thus, there should be no conflicts with any other mod AFAIK. (Except other smoke texture mods, obviously.)

Many thanks to:
  • The real Witcher 3 discord
  • Sarcen for providing us with ModEditor (and Traderain and others, for carrying on from there ;))

and of course...Special thanks to CD PROJEKT RED
You guys created the single most amazing piece of entertainment I have ever had the chance to experience. And for that I really cannot thank you enough!

User permissions

You absolutely may use this mod in any way you wish, improve upon it, include it in your own, larger scale mod. Just be so kind to mention me in the credits ;)