The Witcher 3
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New crossbow features and bolts

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Automatic Firing: Set a custom delay in the mod menu.
  • Total Split Bolts: Set up to 100 split bolts!
  • Split Bolt Distance: Customize the distance split bolts are spread out
  • All Bolts Split: Make all bolts split!
  • Split Bolt Style: Change the pattern which they are fired out: Regular (horizontal), Random, V-Shape, X-Shape, etc.
  • No Reload: Disable reloading
  • Infinity Ammo: Non stop firing
  • Timed Explosion: Make explosive bolts explode after a certain time (while still in air)
  • Sequential Explosion: Make split bolts explode sequentially (based on custom explosion time)
  • Explosive bolts can be customized to destroy: oil barrels (explode), toxic gas (explode), destructables (cave rocks, etc), fences, bee hives, alert guards, turn on lights/fires, destroy shields, destroy boats (destroying boats may crash the game)
  • Change the explosion color of explosive bolts: red, blue, green, random
  • Control Log Spam: This is used when using a lot of split explosive bolts, the combat log will fill up rapidly, use this to turn it off

  • Fire Bolt - Explosive bolt that sets the surface on fire, also added the Fire trail and a light source to the bolt. Knocks opponents back.
  • Ciri Bolt -  Fire bolt that casts Ciri's meteor on the location it hits
  • Eredin Bolt - Freezes multiple enemies and casts Eredin's meteor on them.
  • Freeze Bolt - Freezes an enemy on contact.
  • Poison Bolt - Poisons enemies leaving toxic gas behind.
  • Blinding Bolt - Blinds enemies on contact.

  • At certain times.. holding TAB on Roach causes the menu to disappear and reappear rapidly.. not sure what causes it, I Think it gets stuck in a certain player state and opening the menu the game thinks its still aiming and it closes. Getting off roach will stop it but to make it go away you need to reload the map or fast travel.
  • Geralt doesn't completely pull out the bow or even fire at certain times.
  • Too many Fire Bolts will cause animation issues (more than 30+ on the ground)

I thought the crossbow was very limited and sort of unfinished.. seeing that an explosive bolt did nothing to oil barrels, fixed that and then started adding more and more features. The mod is a little unfinished (bugs), I have tons of ideas but not enough time, I am releasing it anyway. Designed under 1.31 with all expansions. Feel free to ask any questions and leave comments and suggestions. Hope everyone enjoys the mod! Have fun!!

Run install.bat inside mod directory!
-- OR --
Copy bin to game directory, and dlcbossbow to game folder "dlc"

To start automatic firing, hold the aiming button down. Install the menu XML to fully customize the bow. In the future I may implement automatic firing while not aiming. 

To get the new bolts in-game, you can either buy them from Master Blacksmith Hattori
- OR - 
In console:
- OR -
additem('Fire Bolt', 30)
additem('Eredin Bolt', 30), etc...

I have not designed schematics for these bolts or done any kind of balancing. It's just for fun. Save the game after adding them to your inventory.

*** This modifies a lot of files so you may need to use script merger ***
*** If uninstalling the mod, remove any custom bolts from your inventory before saving. ***