Alternative Outfits and Appearance for Triss (Sapkowski Style) by Karpfenfrosch
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Alternative Outfits and Appearance for Triss (Sapkowski Style)

1. Foreword:

This is the first mod I have ever made. When I first uploaded it there were still some issues which is why I didn't upload it right away. Most of these issues have been fixed by now. For more information please have a look at „4. Known Issues“.

2. What this mod does:

This mod changes Triss' appearance to something more lore friendly. It consists of multiple files:

Alternative Appearance for Triss:

This mod changes Triss' hairstyle and eye color. She now has long, curly chestnut colored hair and blue eyes.

Alternative DLC Outfit for Triss:

This simple texture mod recolors Triss' DLC dress to better fit her blue eyes.

Alternative Outfit for Triss 1:

This mod changes Triss' outfit into something less colorful. It is now mostly brown and white with a few golden elements. Her waist is now much thinner and she doesn't show that much cleavage.

Alternative Outfit for Triss 2:

This is a simple texture mod I originally made for The Witcher 2. It gives Triss a less colorful outfit. It is now mostly brown with a few blue elements (like the necklace f. ex.).
The outfit aims to stay lore friendly and fit into the „traveller setting“ of The Witcher 2 while maintaining the elegance of a sorceress.

In order to use this mod you MUST install TW2 Triss by ScoutBr0 aswell.
Link: TW2 Triss by ScoutBr0

Alternative Outfit for Triss 3:

This is almost the same as „AlternativeOutfit for Triss 2“. It adds a brown skirt and white sleeves.

In order to use this mod you MUST install TW2 Triss by ScoutBr0 aswell.
Link: TW2 Triss by ScoutBr0

3. Book quotes that inspired these changes:

The chestnut-haired Triss Merigold, cheerful, giggling for no reason, looking like a teenager.“
-Andrzej Sapkowski: The Sword of Destiny

She slipped the fur cape from her shoulders, removed her fox-fur hat and, with a swift movement of the head, tousled her hair - long, full locks the colour of fresh chestnuts, with a sheen of gold, her pride and identifying characteristic.
[…] Triss smiled, pleased by the effect she'd had. Beautiful, long, loose hair was a rarity, an indication of a woman's position, her status, the sign of a free woman, a woman who belonged to herself.“
-Andrzej Sapkowski: Blood of Elves

She thought she had seen Triss Merigold’s blue eyes flash with hatred.“
-Andrzej Sapkowski: The Lady of the Lake

Triss's waist measured twenty-two.“
-Andrzej Sapkowski: The Tower of the Swallow

'They used the highest magics on us,' [Triss] continued in a muted voice, 'spells, elixirs, amulets and artefacts. Nothing was left wanting for the wounded heroes of the Hill. We were cured, patched up, our former appearances returned to us, our hair and sight restored. You can hardly see the marks. But I will never wear a plunging neckline again, Geralt. Never.'“
-Andrzej Sapkowski: Blood of Elves

4. Known Issues:

As I said: This was the first mod I have ever made. Maybe I'll fix some of the following issues one day, maybe I won't.

This mod uses Yennefer's main game outfit. As a consequence, Yennefer will also wear a brown outfit. I recommend playing with Yennefer's DLC Outfit to avoid having two main npcs with the same outfit and Yennefer wearing something else than black and white.
  (Fixed in Version 1.3)

Apart from Yennefer's main game outfit, my mod also uses Shani's Outfit. I have no workaround for that so you have to get along with the fact that Shani's skirt is not red anymore. This also means that you have to own the „Hearts of Stone“ expansion in order to use this mod.

There might be some clipping when using „Alternative Outfit for Triss“ without „Alternative Appearance for Triss“.  (Fixed in Version 1.3)

You might have realized that „Alternative Outfit for Triss“ actually consists of two mods. For some reason I can't cook them into a single mod. It doesn't make a difference ingame, it just doesn't look that nice inside your mod folder. If you are at your limit of mods this might cause the „infinite loading screen problem“. (Fixed in Version 1.4)

5. Updates:

1.1 (Caused problems during main quests so I decided to take it down; I will re-upload once I solved these problems.)
- Fixed an issue that prevented Triss' Outfit from changing during the masquerade ball
(now compatible with „Triss DLC Dress as Masquerade Dress - MODKit Version“ by Ryunaito)
- Removed some unnecessary files

- Contains the changes of Version 1.1 and actually works

- Fixed an issue that caused this mod to change Yennefer's main game outfit
- Fixed an issue that resulted in clipping when using „Alternative Outfit for Triss“ without „Alternative Appearance for Triss“
- Recolored the outfit so it appears more brown and less red

- Renamed some folders for easier overview
- Merged AlternativeOutfitForTriss 1 into one mod (Formerly AlternativeOutfitForTriss 1 + AlternativeOutfitForTriss 2)
- Added two new Outfits