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This is an improved implementation of the official Yennefer Alternate Appearance DLC! Besides changing clothes, now Yennefer also changes hairstyles, just like Triss does in her DLC! When in her default appearance she has the lore-friendly VGX/E3 trailer hair and when her DLC is enabled she changes to her vanilla W3 hairstyle! Now she a

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Ladies and gentlemen, the time is nigh to reveal the latest in Witcher 3 restyling technology!(Special thanks to Roksa, her amazing photostory Yennefer of Vengerberg was the inspiration for my mod)

- Were you bothered by the lack of attention from CDPR developers to Yennefer? While Triss (who lest we forget tried to steal her Geralt), was receiving extra developer love and along with her DLC dress also got a new hairstyle?

- Were you disappointed when contrary to what the VGX and E3 trailers showed you, Yennefer lost her lore-friendly curly hairstyle and you were left with a longer and straighter immersion-breaking hairstyle?

Well, it is time to remedy this grave injustice and present you a new mod that accomplishes both things and then some!!! Keep on reading, so we can avoid any unnecessary questions and complications! :P


Realistically Improved Yennefer VGX E3 Trailer TRVE DLC Appearance

This mod does the following:

1) Create for Yennefer a new custom-made lore-friendly raven-black curly hairstyle that has been upgraded in visual quality (4 times original size after tesselating/turbosmoothing 6 times)! To install unpack the archive into the "mods" folder of your Witcher 3 directory.

2) When Yennefer is in her default appearance she uses the lore-friendly hairstyle, when you enable her DLC appearance she switches to the longer vanilla hairstyle. That means you can now alternate between 2 fully different appearances for Yennefer! And the hoods are removed from her DLC appearance as they were terribly unrealistic when showing off sexy panties!

Yennefer Sexier DLC Dress makes Yennefers DLC dress a bit slightly more sexy and provocative, by removing the loincloth, scarf and feathers (thanks to Holgar for that one!) and opening up the upper part of her dress. Looks a bit modern though, but hopefully not too tasteless. Plus it also removes completely the hoods as they were even more redundant now and can be used independently! 

4) If you are interested in removing separately the scarf, loincloth and feathers from Yennefer's DLC appearance, head over to my other modYennefer DLC Dress Remove Scarf and Loincloth and Holgar96's mod Yen DLC - No Feathers.   

5) However, this mod is NOT compatible with my Yennefer Hood Removal mod and that's why I have already removed the hoods from Yennefer's DLC (ONLY) appearance.

Optional Files

1) With the Yennefer Default Appearance Always Gown Yennefer will always wear her elegant long dress. No more hooded, puked or trousered appearances (obviously)! xD You can use it together with the main mod, just make sure it is placed higher. I have already named it accordingly! In Version 2 I fixed a redundancy of appearances and another omission (thanks to Ponyboy who brought it to my attention), so it is the RECOMMENDED (and only) version to download!

2) With YenneferLoreHairAlways you can have my custom lore friendly hairstyle with both appearances of Yennefer. You need to have also the main mod file for it to work. And you can also use it alongside the Always Gown worn mod!

3) Created optional compatibility files for the nice mod by Roksa Stylish Yennefer ! Now you can use both her files and my main mod that changes the hairstyle of Yennefer according to her appearance along with the optional remodeled DLC dress without issues! Have fun! 

Once again, I should extend my thanks to the people who have helped me at various moments around here and those who made modding the W3 possible and paved the way for us newcomers. Without order of preference:

and more!

Check out their work on nexusmods!

Have fun with my mod! Shout out in the comments, share your pictures and if you like it remember to endorse, vote, you get the idea! Show your love people!