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Better Experience Curve Update

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If you enjoy this mod please ENDORSE, but do no forget to ENDORSE the original mod author Doryani!
Now Updated for v1.32 and works with NMM too!


This is an update to the original mod by Doryani.

There are 4 different setups you can choose from, depending on your play style. Feline stands for faster levelling, Griffin stands for slightly faster levelling, Ursine stands for slightly slower levelling and finally Wolf stands for slower levelling.


  • Feline: You will most likely be around late 60s by the end of the game. The goal of this setting is to let you use higher levelled items and have more perk points so you will be able to focus on two skill trees at once (e.g. Combat-Alchemy combinations) rather than being force to play in a single style through the game.

  • Griffin: This setup is pretty close to the default settings, so why does it exist? It offers a smoother curve and slightly reduces the XP needed for each level so you will have slightly easier progression while levelling and also be able to get slightly more levels. You can think of this as an enhanced default settings.

  • Ursine: Levelling is slightly slower than default and this is usually for those people thinking that they are levelling too fast early on in the game. Out-levelling main quest lines near the end of the game hinders the experience and is hardly a challenge. I believe this setting slightly eliminates that problem although it still depends on how you play the game.

  • Wolf: This setting fits well if you are a hardcore completionist type of player. Searching for an ultimate challenge at the highest difficulty? Do you like to finish every possible quest and don't enjoy rushing the main quest line? Do you still want to enjoy the game without being too powerful because you levelled so much by doing side quests? Well, I can honestly say, Wolf is for you. You should be around level 50 after completing everything.  


Only choose one curve! You can easily use Nexus Mod Manager but if you want to install manually for some reason just extract the contents of the rar file into your Witcher 3/Mods folder. This mod will only work with a new game! Fresh Start or either DLC from the main menu and if you uninstall the mod after creating a new game save file then the mod will still take effect. That is because geralt_levelups.xml file is only checked upon creating a new game and after that this file is completely useless because the game does not need it any more until you start another new game. Its worth a new game right?


Compatible with v1.32 of the game and also any other mod that doesn't touch geralt_levelups.xml file. 

The old mod needed to use this Old Levelling System, but you don't need it for this update because i'm not using it. I just changed the static curve to what I think was reasonable within each curve. With this update Geralt will reach level 50 where the infinite levelling mechanic will activate and therefore the xp curve will remain static and not increase till the level cap of 100. Please see excel file below.

Design Document: Excel File