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Opens the unused Devil's Pit caverns for exploration along with adding over 21 new items into the base game, 6 interactive objects, 4 new NPCs including a companion and fully featured stealth mechanics.

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Go, where no one else dared to.

Devil's Pit Mod offers you a chance to visit unused area of caverns located at the Devil's Pit quarry along with numerous enhancements to the area and additional content that can be enjoyed within the base game.

The mod has been discontinued, there is no quest line or additional dialogues with new NPCs. Also i will NOT be releasing any "standalone" versions with just X or Y feature.

  • Over 19 new items, including but not limited to:
  • Alkaline bomb - Alkaline bomb capable of neutralizing most vicous acids, rendering enemies unable to use acid based attacks.
  • Battlemages essence  - Potion enhancing stamina for caster builds.
  • Bear trap - Popular amongst hunters for hunting bears, can be used against other targets with great results.
  • Fire bolt - Bolt coated with heavily flammable compound that's capable of igniting most materials within seconds. Can also burn underwater.
  • Fine throwing knife  - Well balanced throwing knife - lethal weapon if thrown by capable hand.
  • Folding chair - A simple folding chair that can be deployed and left unattended for later use.
  • Flare bomb - A bomb containing slow burning compound that illuminates large area for around 45 minutes. Capable of burning enemies upon direct impact. Color of light can be changed by adding dye.
  • Fungi bomb - Bomb containing spores of fast growing fungus that blocks vocal chords of infected targets making them unable to use their voice.
  • Glue bomb  - Bomb containing resin based compound that sticks to enemies, rendering them unable to fly or move.
  • Grappling bolt - Bolt with a hooked end, can be used for quick transportation - nearly useless in combat.
  • Invisibility charm  - A magical charm which renders its wearer invisible as long as he moves slowly.
  • Mule essence - Powerful steroid which temporarily enhances maximum carry weight.
  • Plaguebearer - Cursed sword capable of turning fallen foes into undead servants of the wielder.
  • Raven's armor - Armor that belonged to one of legendary witchers.
  • Salt bomb - Simple bomb containing salt, useful against spectral enemies, forcing them to take material form.
  • Shaving kit - An inexpensive portable shaving kit - handy for any man that spends most of his time on the road.
  • Shrapnel bomb  - Crude bomb containing hundreds of miniature shrapnels capable of piercing wings of most flying enemies, forcing them to fight on ground. Whilst shrapnels are too small to cause any serious harm, they still can be used to stagger the target.
  • Spring trap - Simple explosive tripwire trap, deals damage within 8 metre radius - can trigger other nearby traps within 6 meters.
  • Sworddancers essence - Potion enhancing stamina for melee builds.
  • Throwing knife  - A cheap throwing knife - probably the handle is more lethal than the blade.
  • Viper school hood - Article of clothing popular amongst witchers of the Viper school.
  • Viper school throwing knife - Throwing knives favored by witchers from the school of Viper - well balanced, sharp and poisonous.
  • Virus bomb - Bomb containing virus capable of crippling regenerative abilities of infected targets.
  • 4 NPCs - both familiar and new faces.
  • Complex follower NPC which will help you in fights, carry your burdens, play gwent or have a friendly sparring with you.
  • Lots of interactions within the Devil's Pit area: Throwing dart board, cooking pot, place of power, mysterious gravestone, teleportation stone, stealth practice dummy.
  • Complete set of stealth mechanics: sneak, backstab, pickpocket or plant live booby traps in your enemies pockets!
  • First Person Mode is now part of the Devil's Pit Mod.
  • Thaddeus and Novigrad book merchant sell Mysterious Monocle item that once equipped, enables player to enter first person mode via P key on keyboard. (hooking of the FPP mode can also be done via "fphook" console command)
    You can also access help of the first person mode module by typing "fphelp" in console, alternatively you can refer to it's nexus mods page.

The Devil's Pit is now inhabited by new NPCS:

Thaddeus - Human alchemist that's hiding in the Devil's Pit caverns along with Iorveth and remainder of his Scoia'tael friends. Serves the role of a quartermaster in the encampment.

Iorveth - Former employer of the assassin of the kings, now traveling west in hopes of finding a cure for Saskia.

Saskia - Dubbed the dragon slayer, which is ironic for a green dragon. Left barely alive after events of Witcher 2 has entered coma and hasn't woken up ever since.

Victoria - A mercenary, stuck with Iorveth's group for no apparent reason - can be hired by Geralt to be his follower.

Devil's Pit also has its own cooking pot! Throw in ingredients, add some Igni (double tap interaction key to ignite) and enjoy cooked meals!
Accepted items:
  • Egg, pepper, olive, mushroom, onion, pork => Omelet a'la Geralt of Rivia
  • Raw meat => Fried meat
  • Chicken => Roasted Chicken
  • Chicken leg => Roasted chicken leg
  • Fish => Fried fish
  • Gutted fish => Fried fish
  • Pork => Grilled pork
  • Honeycomb => Fine Honey
  • Bread => Burned bread
  • Sweet bun => Burned sweet bun
  • Apple => Baked apple
  • Potatoes => Baked potato
  • Onion, bottled water => onion soup

Besides all of above, Devil's Pit Mod also offers you an opportunity to test your skills against a mirror copy of your Geralt!
Summoning Stone located in the burning pit will summon a doppler wielding your exact equipment and skills. First victory over doppler will grant you the Plaguebearer steel sword.

Last but not least - the follower NPC. Player can purchase a mercenary contract from Thaddeus which will oblige Victoria to follow and serve Geralt for as long as he has the contract in his inventory. Victoria is capable of:
  • Carrying your equipment.
  • Playing Gwent with tournament level skills.
  • Having a friendly sparring with you.
  • Changing into an alternate outfit.
  • Throwing knives in combat.
  • Looting non-quest items from enemies she defeats (automatically added to player stash).
  • Carrying torch in dark places or during the night.
  • Wearing a hood to cover from rain.
  • Managing her weaponry based on best available steel sword in player's stash.
Victoria can be forced to stop following player by either dropping the mercenary contract item or adding it to player's stash. If the item is in player's stash, Victoria can be made to follow player again by simply interacting with her.


I WILL NOT BE PROVIDING HELP WITH COMPILATION ERRORS.(There is a dedicated thread in forums tab for people looking for help with script compilation errors).



Before proceeding make sure to create a solid save file before installation of the mod - whilst i guarantee that it won't break your game, updating the mod may not work correctly on existing saves (especially the NPC). This won't display any game-breaking behavior however new features may not be added or fixed correctly.

To install this mod, unzip the contents into your Witcher 3 installation folder, making sure to overwrite the DLC and Mods and content folders.

All contents of the mod are seamless, after installing the mod you can enter the Devil's Pit caverns via the upper entrance located in the highest point of the quarry.

Hold left CTRL to enter/exit sneaking mode.
Upon entering sneaking mode all enemies turn neutral (if initiated before combat).
Base NPC view cone is up to 55 degrees to the sides (total FOV of 110) and 20 meters forward,
measured from position and rotation of the head. Those parameters change depending on time of day,
location and weather condition. Moving makes you easier to detect,
whilst wearing Viper hood and Raven's armor makes it a bit harder for enemies to see you.
During night or in dark places both detection angle and distances decrease dramatically (unless NPC is carrying a torch).
Sneak mode applies debuff to all enemies, opening them up for a one-hit backstab.
Touching an enemy, being seen, throwing a bomb, using explosive bolts or casting aard/igni will also cause detection instantly.
Killing an enemy will also cause surrounding enemies to turn in his direction (scripting doesn't really support making them come to investigate).
Entering borders of their current perception range will highlight "alerted" NPC and make them look at the detected player direction for 5 seconds.
In alerted state on-screen vignette will also change color to white with intensity increasing as likelihood of being detected rises.
Stealing is also limited only to enemies and only works while undetected.
Each stealing attempt may blow players cover if initiated from too far (and at the same time if you touch the enemy,
it will alert him as well) so you want to be as close as you can without actually touching the enemy.
As a bonus, if you have a spring trap item - you can drop one in enemy's inventory to blow him up after 10 seconds.

  1. Iorveth and Saskia have "broken faces" - To fix this issue go to your Documents\The Witcher 3 folder and open user.settings file, find [Rendering] section and find (or if it's not there - create) MeshLODDistanceScale variable and set it to 4 so it looks like so: MeshLODDistanceScale=4. Save the file and set it to read-only.
  2. Game doesn't boot, shows a window with a lot of text - You have a script compilation error due to either base game not being 1.31 and/or mod conflict with other script mods. In either case this is not really my problem or fault of the mod - please refer to red disclaimer below for further assistance.
If you are experiencing script compilation errors (window with a lot of text during boot) DO NOT post the log in comments section, there's a dedicated thread in the forums tab for solving those. Script compiler logs posted in comments section will be removed.

Language | Author | Version | Status
  • German | KNGR | 0.93 | Finished;Added in 0.91b
  • Polish | SkacikPL | 0.95 | Finished;Added in 0.91b
  • Russian | DJ_Kovrik | 0.93 | Finished;Added in 0.91b
  • Spanish | AundiAundi | 0.93 | Finished;Added in 0.91c
  • Brasilian - Portuguese | Scoutbr0 | 0.93 | Finished;Added in 0.91d
  • Hungarian | ruled | 0.95 | Finished;Added in 0.91d

Holgar96 For the models of Iorveth, Saskia and Raven's armor.
KNGR For help and motivation.
Scoutbr0 For help and motivation.
traderain, Sarcenzzz and rmemr For the tools.
georgetziotis For continuous and unwavering shitposting.

If you wish to show appreciation to my work, you can drop a donation.
You can contact me through one of those channels:

CDProjekt Red forums
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