The Witcher 3
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Diverse combat animations with a few other changes as well

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For ease of installing, I broke up all the different parts of the tweaks I'm creating in different files.  This will allow people to customize their game however they want.

Combat Animations:
Long Range Spins - Adds around 6 new animations that trigger randomly when using forward light attack at long range.

No Spins - Replaces long range spinning attacks with short quick attacks

Disable Cinematic Kill Cam:
Removes the slow effect and camera angle from finishing kills.

Alternate Dodge Animation + Two Handed Sword Wield:
Alternate back dodge animation. Geralt holds his sword with two hands when walking forward in combat.  This is incompatible with E3DodgeSystem.


Move the mod folders to your Witcher 3/Mods folder.
Be sure to use script merger if you need to!

These are the following files that are altered,,
Be sure to use script merger if you need to!