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Yrden traps will now follow the player instead of staying put after casting. Other small tweaks included too.

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Ultimate Yrden Mod – Recast

A lot of people liked the original “[ULTIMATE Yrden MOD]“ from the Nexus. Sadly, development has been ceased around game version 1.22.


Your favourite pet Yrden will now follow you again, no matter whether it slows enemies or casts lightning at them!
This mod was created on the base of the (Unification Patch) GOTY scripts.
It may work on different game versions, but has not been tested with them.
If you try it, feel free to post your results!

      o    Regular Yrden:
            •    Will follow you around under your feet after casting.
            •    If casting a second one (with the corresponding skill equipped), the older one will drop in the location you were when recasting.

      o    Lighning Yrden (a lot has been done here):

            •    Will follow you under your feet as well and will NOT replace the slow Yrden. You can have both together.
            •    Time between shots has been adjusted (compared to old mod), and will now additionally scale with the skill level. A higher skill level
                  means less waiting between lightnings. To counteract the trap running out of charges, the charges amount now scales with ability power too
                  (NOT visible in Sign statistics – yet) (likely to be balanced in later versions).
            •    The trap will NOT stay alive during the whole battle like the old one did. It really is easy enough to get high duration with sign power.

      o    Extra Buffs (DLC content):
            •    Gryphon Grandmaster set bonus: The extended range and additional visual effects were considered and work as supposed.
            •    Yrden Runestone: The slow traps created by lightning Yrden hits spawn correctly under the enemy hit and stay in that location.

Known Bugs:
      •    Lightning Yrden may not follow for a short while until it shoots at an enemy again. The cause of this has not been found yet,
            as it happens with no recognizable pattern.
      •    Lightning Yrden will leave a small purple light source in the location it was first cast, which does not follow the trap.
            This cannot be fixed in the script. I may look into the bundle game files at a later time to fix this,
            but it has low priority as it does not affect gameplay.

TODO List:

      •    The slow traps spawned by the lightning hits with the runestone equipped will be changed so they follow the specific target
            they were spawned under.
      •    Potential balancing of shot amount scaling.
      •    Offer a configuration for customizable range.

Special THANKS:
      •    To maward00, the autor of the original Ultimate Yrden Mod. No of his code was used in the making of the update, this is a full rewrite.
            I did get some ideas about how this works from his code though, so thanks!
      •    To Ninro, my faithful beta tester while I had little time to do extensive testing myself.
      •    To you for downloading this mod and enjoying it!

IF YOU FIND ANY BUGS, PLEASE REPORT THEM! I will try to take a look at them.
I feel like the mod is at a point which is fully playable, and all changes to come are only balancing of fancy features,
so I didn't want to keep this from you any longer.
I will eventually try to get the TODO List completed, but I usually only get to work on my mods
when I either want to use them with some new features or I stumble across a comment
requesting something and I think "That'd be neat, lemme check if that works."

I only threw a basic artwork together, so the page doesn't look so barren.
Feel free to add a better artwork and I may set it as the page image!