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More sparks, more/better smoke, more rain, more snow, more fog ;)

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This Mod tries to achieve better FX. This means I increased the particles (count/density) for:

  • embers
  • sparks and fire dust
  • the amount of smoke
  • spume/splash (some specific, not all)
  • rain
  • fog
  • snow
  • toxic gas
  • bombs
  • ALL enemies (f.e. gryphon, lessun, fogling ;) )
  • Signs: Igni, Yrden, Quen, Axii
  • smoke/fire for all cutscenes and quests


    1. IGNI CONE is now closer to the E3 version.
    2. Added a new smoke-shader to the "burning/frozen village"-cutscene, to look closer to the scene from the VGX-Trailer ;) It looks like this, but more red in color. Best check for yourself since I don't want to make another comparison-shot.

    Please test it and report, if there are any problems :) Best with screenshot or savefile, if it is quest related.

    Alternative: No Signs, No Quen ( to be compatible with mods like E3 Quen), No Signs except Igni.


    Q: Is there any fps hit? A: Yes. Signs can cause up to 5 fps when casting. I didn't notice any drop for other changes. Q: There are conflicts with mods like Wiedzmin Lighting Mod or STLM/another mod. Any solution? A: Try to merge it with Mod Merger. You won't have any problems ingame ;)

Best Combined with: 

    Thanks to Sarcen for the Modeditor and CD Projekt Red for making this awesome game :)