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All of my save games from beginning to the end of game including Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Saved before every important decision and romance. No failed quests No console commands and No mods used. Collected all Gwent cards all diagrams and formulas. Ciri is a Witcher and Grey Boy is with Triss.

Permissions and credits
Complete save game collection on New Game +

Many gamesaves complete playthrough main game and both expansions

Saved before every important decision and before every Romance

Checkpoints throughout whole story at various important stages

No Failed Quests No Mods Console Commands and Cheats used

Collected all Gwent Cards Weapon Diagrams and Alchemy Formula

Decisions from Witcher 2 are Letho Aryan and Sile alive saved Triss

Geralt romanced Triss Ciri is a Witcher Dijkstra won the war and Cerys is Queen 

Hearts of Stone Olgierd is alive Blood and Wine Annarietta and Syanna are alive

Uploaded for safekeeping and sharing with everyone