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This mod adds the E3 Jogging the sort of E3 Stopping the E3 Left/Right dodges the E3 Backwards dodge The E3 pirouettes the sort of E3 Examine Clue the sort of E3 running
and the
E3 Jumping animation.
it's really buggy and you probably should not use it.

The jogging and running animations will pretty much only work on mostly flat surfaces.

E3 Jumping animation doesn't really work without immersive camera.

E3 Pirouettes replace the rolls.

E3 Left/Right Dodges replace the forward dodges.

E3 Sprinting with a sword will cause a crash so you should set manual sheathing/unsheathing on and
only sprint with sword when sprinting to an enemy and attacking.

I am not a modder so if you have problems i probably can't solve them.
also if you have suggestions i probably can't make them.

Playable Version
The point of this version is to have a version with a less E3 stuff so that you could play the whole game with it.

Playable version has the E3 Combat, E3 Jumping, E3 Examine clue, E3 Sprinting and E3 Stopping.

Just unzip into your mods folder, and DLC folder for Playable.

- Added a standalone optional file of just Stopping animations.

- Fixed the name.

- Added jogging with sword animations.

- Added E3 Dodges animations.
- Added E3 pirouettes animations.
- Added E3 Examine Clue animation.
- Added E3 Jumping animation.

- Added E3 Running animations (only diffrence is the hands).
- Added E3 Sprinting with sword animation.
- Added E3 Idle jumping animation.

- Added a standalone optional file of just Examine Clue animations.

- Added a standalone optional file of just Jumping animations.

- Added playable version with fixed E3 backwards dodge and new E3 IGNI and QUEN animations.

- Added and fixed E3 Sprinting with sword animations.
- Slightly shorter E3 Backwards dodge duration.
- Added DLC file that should solve a few glitches.

THANKS to skacikpl who told me how to fix the E3 backwards dodge.