Geralt True White Beard For HairWorks by swordsofhonor
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Last updated at 21:13, 5 Apr 2017 Uploaded at 21:32, 20 Mar 2017

A simple beard color retexture for Hairworks and originally only intended for the Realbeard mod by rivianbleidd.

Lighting mod and Reshade that's used in the first half of the images is Wiedzmin Lighting Mod by mishikedman and PATHOS Reshade by Pansen1 (without Realbeard and mainly using "Geralt The Ghostly White Beard" file) while the second half is STLM 3.1.1 by essenthy and Absolute Prerelease Reshade by mikeywander (mainly with Realbeard and using "Geralt The White Beard" file).


NOTE 1: My recommendation for the best overall consistent White Wolf look is to use the "Geralt The Ghostly White Beard" file alongside "More white hairs for Geralt" and/or the "LongHairReworked_MoreWhite" file in "Long Tucked Hair Reworked" which are both by Holgar96 as well as "HairWorks Beard Only" uploaded by moonknight1993.

NOTE 2: The Realbeard mod is found at the Geralt HairWorks Colors and Styles mod page on the Nexus.

NOTE 3: If using Hairworks for Geralt's hair as well I highly recommend the "Geralt The White Beard" file (See Images 19-22 for a general idea of how it will look)


(Old mod compilation below but relevant for sticky post)

For Geralts face I've used (obviously) Realbeard from Geralt HairWorks Colors and Styles by Rivianbleidd, Geralts Weathered Face by curme, Real Witcher Eyes from Lore-friendly Witchers by DazzlingDjango, White Wolf - non hairworks version by snoopyuj, an updated version of "HairWorks on everything but Geralt" made by vikart that's called HairWorks Beard Only uploaded by moonknight1993, and finally Long Tucked Hair Reworked by Holgar96. (so many mods :P)