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This Reshade Frameworks package aims to make your game look as close as possible to the famous E3 Witcher 3 Screenshots from the trailer

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This Reshade Frameworks mod aims to add colors and effects from the famous 2013 Witcher 3 Debut Trailer

Featured on
PC Gamer's Best Witcher 3 Mods
Now Remastered for GOTY Edition
Compatible with v3.31
This mod is compatible with EVERY other mod
Toussant/Blood & Wine compatible, may be too bright for use with this mod

Installation Instructions

1. Delete any d3d11.dll or dxgi.dll file in your Witcher3.exe directory

2. Download a package flavor of your choice

3. Extract to your witcher.exe directory which is typically Witcher3\Bin\X64. Overwrite everything

4. Scroll down to read the FAQ before playing

5. Play the game.
Press Scroll Lock to toggle the mod LIVE
Press END to take screen shots that save to your witcher.exe folder

Required ingame settings: 

Gamma = 1 (use the default & adjust if needed)
Preseve System Gamma = OFF

Full Screen Mode
Read the FAQ below for more info

Recommended ingame settings:
Sharpening Low
Chromatic Aberration Off
Vignette Off
Sun Shafts Off
Bloom On

Recommended Video Settings for better FPS:
Shadows Medium/High

Grass Medium/High
Foliage Medium/High
Water Medium/High

Available in FIVE flavors

Classic (Formely v7)
Includes all around bloom for a more fantasy feel

Realistic (Formerly Alternative Bloom)
Includes realistic sun and bloom effects on only bright objects

Includes a cinematic color scheme with more browns and faded colors for a grim autumn season feel

Ultimate Edition
A Hi-DEF mashup of both Classic and Realistic bloom shaders.

Super Turbo Lighting Mod Edition

Exclusive E3FX tailored for STLM lighting

Crappy PC? Looking to every FPS?
For users who just want to similar colors try the old E3FX SweetFX preset here

Not sure where to Install? Typical witcher.exe directories include:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Witcher 3\bin\x64
C:\GOG Games\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64\
C:\Program Files\GOG\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64\

Remove d3d11.dll or dxgi.dll , reshade.fx, and the Reshade folder.

FAQ & Troubleshooting

How do I make sure my settings are correct? My game is TOO dark/light!

1. Calibrate your monitor.
You should just barely see #1 and up on this page. If you can't, your brightness/gamma is too low.
You should just barely see boxes 250-254 on this page. If you can't, your contrast/gamma is too high.
Calibrate your gamma in Windows by going to Start> Control Panel. In the search box, type "calibrate display", and then click Calibrate display color.‌ 

2. The ingame gamma option is only visible if your game is fullscreen.
Borderless Window mode will use your Windows color calibration settings which are most likely incorrect.

3. To edit ingame Gamma. Open the file My Documents\The Witcher 3\user.settings in notepad.
Change the GammaValue setting, it should be set to 1 (if your monitor is correctly calibrated)

4. To edit the mod's gamma. Open Open Reshade\SweetFX_Settings.cfg. Go to line 304 and change this line:
#define Gamma XX //[0.000 to 2.000] Adjust midtones. 1.000 is neutral. 
Change it in .1 increments - higher is darker.

4. Lastly, make sure you are NOT using any color altering software like FLUX. It will completely ruin the colors

It's too blue

Your monitor temperature may be set TOO HIGH. Be sure to use a 6500k/medium or lower preset.
Many monitors default to 9000k which makes your screen blue.

This mod was calibrated for the WARM/NEUTRAL preset

It doesn't work/crashes/won't start

1. Reshade does NOT work with most overlay programs. This includes Fraps, Rivatuner, RadeonPro, Afterburner, and possibly Steam overlay

2. Delete any existing DXGI.DLL or d3d11.dll or d3d9.dll files from the game exe folder (that's the old version)

3. Rename the new DXGI.dll file (you unzipped to your game directory) to d3d11.dll or d3d9.dll and try running the game.

4. Verify you have the latest DirectX runtimes here:

5. Try right clicking your Witcher3.exe and running as Administrator mode.

6. Windows 7 users must install this windows update

Too much / too little bloom!

If using CLASSIC:
Using notepad, open Reshade\Presets\Default\Shaders_by_Ganossa.cfg, then reduce or increase line #203:
#define fBloomAmountXX //[1.0 to 20.0] Intensity of bloom.

Using notepad, open ReShade\Presets\Shaders_by_Ioxa.cfg, then reduce or increase line #17:
#define BloomStrength     XX //[0.00 to 1.00] Strength of bloom effect

If using ULTIMATE, you can change both.

I hate the sharpening / I want more sharpening!

To Disable sharpening, using notepad, open Reshade\Presets\Default\Shaders_by_Ceejay, then change line #174 to zero:
#define USE_LUMASHARPEN   1 //[0 or 1] LumaSharpen : Sharpens the image.

To add more sharpening, change line #177 to larger numbers for more shading.
#define sharp_strength XX   //[0.10 to 3.00] Strength of the sharpening

How can I disable the built in SMAA Anti Aliasing?

1. Open the file in notepad: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64\ReShade\Presets\Default\Shaders_by_Ceejay.cfg

2. Change the following line to 0

#define USE_SMAA 1 //[0 or 1] SMAA Anti-aliasing : Smoothens jagged lines using the SMAA technique

I lost fps!

The mod will use about 8-10 fps at 1080p, possibly more if you're on a higher resolution. The effects are demanding.
Use the "Color Only Option" available on the downloads page if you don't want an fps reduction.

How can I remove the FPS counter in the corner?

Go to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\x64\ReShade\Profiles\Default and open up "Global.cfg" with notepad.
Change the following line to 0:


How can I change the Screenshot and Toggle hotkey?
Open up Witcher 3\bin\x64\Reshade\Profiles\Default and open up "Global.cfg" with Notepad.
Change the following lines:

#Define Reshade_Screenshot_Key VK_END
#Define_reshade_Toggle_Key VK_SCROLL

Use THIS PAGE to look up the key names

Fanmade Video Showcase over the years

V5 Comparisons

V5 Gameplay Footage

 Original E3 Trailer

This mod was created using:
Reshade by Crosire
GEMFX and ReShade Frameworks by LuciferHawk
MasterEffects by Marty Mcfly
SweetFX by
m33ts4k0z - Thanks for breathing NEW LIFE into this old mod