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Ciri went world-hopping again and brought Geralt back a souvenir... :)

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Realized that I'd never voluntarily worn any of the masks in the game... they're beautifully done and lore-friendly, but they're definitely "masquerade ball" material, and not something you'd ever wear at any other time.  That had to change, sooo.... ;)

This mod was just a quick little test, replacing one of the CDPR masks with the "Jungle Hunter" mask by Oleg (AxelF1067) Byk... (Model used with permission - thanks Oleg! :) See here for more of his amazing work quite the Predator fan!)  And before someone asks, no, I have no plans on porting his whole set of masks into TW3 -- now that I know it works, I have other things of my own that I want to do.  :)

How to get/use the mask?  Install the mod, then buy a bird mask from the tailor in Novigrad (see map in image gallery.)  Look in your inventory under the Quest Items panel (not the armor panel!), find the bird mask, and double-click it to equip... it'll jump from the quests panel to one of Geralt's pockets and also appear on his face.  To take it off, double-click the bird-mask in the pocket-slot.  To un-install, delete the modPredatorMask folder.  Easy peasy. :)

In the screenshots: Geralt is wearing the "long-and-loose" hairstyle, the BadWolf mod changes his hair colour to black (download here), and he's wearing Toussant Ducal Guardsmen armour (which looks kind of Predatorish in the shoulder pieces.)