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About this mod

This mod changes more than 70 Gwent cards, from every faction.
It aims to make Gwent more interesting.
It also applies the unused textures to some Gwent cards.

Permissions and credits

Gwent Redone & Alternate Art
for patch 1.05 and 1.06

Lastest Updates
(see changelog for a full list of changes)

New Installer & texture options !
Iorveth - 9 to 7
Isengrim - 10 to 9 - Tight Bond Vrihedd Brigade Veterans
Vrihedd Brigade Veterans - 5 to 4
Toruviel - 3 to 2 - Muster and Tight Bond Elven Skirmishers
Elven Skirmishers - 3 4 4 to 1 1 1 - Removed Muster - Tight Bond Toruviel
Dwarven Skirmishers - 2 3 3 to 3 4 4
Havekarr Healers - 2 to 1
Geralt - 15 to 12
Ciri - 15 to 14
Gargoyle - 2 to 5 - Ranged to Melee, Ranged and Siege


Iorveth - Morale - Muster Ciaran
Riordain - strength 1 to 5 - Tight Bond Vrihedd Brigade Recruit
Vrihedd Brigade Recruit - strength 4 to 3 - Tight Bond with Riordain

Fixed Catapult alternate texture
Added clearer changelog in excel format

First Version

  • Installation

v1.1 comes with a new installer and a custom ini file.
If you have any issue with it please make a post here or message me, I'll try to help asap.
You can still get v1.02 in case it does not work for you.

The config.ini file lets you pick between the full mod and texture changes only.
It also gives you some options for the alternate textures.

1. Extract the archive anywhere on your drive.
2. Open Config.ini with a text editor.
3. Change values to your liking or leave the default ones.
4. Start GwentRedone.exe and follow the instructions.

1. Extract the archive anywhere on your drive.
2. Start Uninstall.exe and follow the instructions.

  • Gwent Redone

This mod changes more than 70 Gwent cards, from every faction. (see changelog or Some examples below)

It aims to balance Gwent and to make it more interesting; less straight forward.

Most Heros were the same "melee/10/immune to special cards", so I tried making them more fun and unique.

Too many named cards with nice art were just too weak, and so not worth putting in your deck. The mod gives them some use.

I think the Monster and Scoia'tel decks were clearly weaker, so another goal of this mod was to buff the two decks, while trying to keep a different playstyle for each.

The Monster deck was basically a Muster deck. And even though the Scoia'tel had a bit more diversity, Nilfgaard and Northern Realms still had the most useful effects & strongest cards.

The mod also applies the unused card textures. (see Alternate Art below)

  • Alternate Art

NPCs will now correctly use all different textures for the duplicate cards.
For example NPCs now have the 3 different Crinfrid Reavers instead of 3 times the same card.

Although this works on NPCs, I cannot give the alternate cards to the player. (see More info on alternate cards below)

What the mod can do though, is apply a different texture to your duplicate cards.

For example you can have all 3 of your Blue Stripes Commando use one of the alternates textures instead of the default one.

The DLC 08 added new texture for every Neutral card.
But the DLC is either on or off, meaning you get all 10 DLC textures or none of them.

This mod allows you to pick between DLC and Default Art individually for each card.

  • Some examples (grab the changelog in the download section for a full list)

Vernon Roche
now summons Ves -it's a one way summon- and Ves now stacks with the other Blue Stripes Commandos (Tight Bond)

Natalis summons every Poor Fucking Infantry cards, making it very strong, but only if you're willing to add the rather weak P.F.I to your deck.

Ciri has the Scorch effect, making the card potentially better but more situational since it can cause collateral damage.

Saskiacan summon Iorveth, who is then placed on the melee row.

Iorvethin turn summons Ciaran & has the Morale effect. Creating a strong chain reaction as long as you keep Ciaran in your deck.

Iorveth is also Agile, so if you instead play him directly from your hand you can decide where the Morale effect will be more useful. (Melee or Ranged)

Emiel, a higher vampire able to turn into a giant bat, is now a Spy card for the Monster deck only. (not a neutral card anymore)

Tibor Eggebracht now summons Sweers, Vreemde & Morteisen. Giving some use to these three cards that were basically useless before. (also because they look really cool)

Grave Hag is now a Medic. Something the Monster deck was really lacking.

Earth Elemental & Fire Elemental now have the Tight Bond effect.

Draug has been moved to siege row and has the Horn effect, greatly buffing the Monster deck's siege power together with the two Elemental cards.

.. and a lot more!

  • More info on the alternate cards

NPC's will use alternate textures for relevant cards. But you will only have access to the Poor Fucking Infantry alternate cards.

People found out that there was different art for alternate version of some cards in the game files, but they were scraped before release.
The mod gives these cards the alternate textures when available.

Unfortunately, for most of them, the player is stuck with duplicates. Although NPCs correctly use the alternate cards.

Crinfrid Reaver Dragon Hunter (all 3 cards now have different textures, only for NPCs),
Blue Stripes Commando(all 3 cards now have different textures, only for NPCs),
Nausicaa Cavalry Rider (all 3 cards now have different textures, only for NPCs),
Impera Brigade Guard (all 4 cards now have different textures, only for NPCs),
Poor Fucking Infantry (all 3 cards now have different textures, all available to the player & NPCs),
Catapult (both cards now have different textures, only for NPCs).

It seems that the alternate cards themselves are not present in game as item, only as card stats.
Meaning they are unavailable to the player even through console commands.

I do not yet know how to fix this without modding tools.

It really looks like an oversight to me, so maybe CDPR will release a fix in a future patch.

  • Known Issues

Emiel : If you have the card in your N.Realms, Scoia'tel or Nilfgaard deck, you will need to remove it from those decks after installing the mod.
It will then be properly treated as a Monster only card.

Natalis : The poor fucking infantry summoned get a higher score than they should.
For balance I recommend only using 3 PFI's in your deck (the 3 with different art, so there is no duplicate) even though 4 are available ingame iirc.

  • Thanks

I want to thank rich1022 for his Enhanced Gwent mod.
A lot of the changes in this mod come directly or are heavily inspired by his.
Go check it out if you haven't already !

This is a work in progress, if you find a bug please report it and I'll try to fix it as soon as I can.
If you don't agree with the changes or feel like I'm breaking balance let me know.
And please feel free to discuss if you have ideas or things I could implement.

Thanks a lot for checking out my mod, I hope you enjoy it !