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Balanced re-shade that corrects the over-saturated and orange look of the vanilla Witcher 3 shading

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Color Correction ReShade 
by dietDOOM

This is a very basic ReShade file that helps to fix the oversaturated vanilla look in Witcher 3 without taking away from the intended visual style of the game. It is meant to be a very subtle correction, not an artistic filter.

  • Slightly desaturates color 
  • Shifts color temperature to remove orange tint

If you feel like the game's vanilla look is hard on the eyes but don't want a ReShade file that is going to completely change the feel of the game, you will like this one. 

How to Use:
  • You will need Reshade 3.0 installed and all default FX files downloaded 
  • Download and place "ColorCorrectionReshade.ini" in your game folder "The Witcher 3/bin/x64"
  • Start up the game and open the ReShade interface (default="shift+F2")
  • Select "ColorCorrectionReshade.ini" from the top drop-down menu

Helpful Hint: In the ReShade settings, you are able to set up a hotkey to toggle between vanilla and reshading - makes it easy to make quick comparisons in different in-game environments