The Witcher 3
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This is an extended file listing all codes for items to be used with the debug console.
It's not complete yet, it's a work in progress.

Permissions and credits
I feel I need to give kudos and credits to "Item ID List by Jimmy High" as he inspired me to make this file.

I here by give permission to anyone who want to continue this work, I have had issues with my computer
and been forced to reinstall windows. I also lost interest in witcher 3, seems the open world setting didn't quite appeal to me.
So I have more or less abandoned this project. If anyone is interested in taking over this project feel free to do so.
I recon the forgotten sections is keys and dlc items. During my work with this project I have noticed that content0 doesn't
always have the same files as patch0 does and vice verse.

This is an extended file listing all codes for items to be used with the debug console.
I should say it's a work in progress.

My goal is to eventually cover all items I can find within the game.
As I go through the game files to verify if an item exist, and under what label it do take quite sometime.
I recon it takes me about 3-4hours to add a section.

It's also broken down into sub categories for easier navigation.

SPOILER ALERT: The quest section might very well contain information seen as spoilers.
You have been informed!

If any items is missing or wrongly labeled I will do my best to change it around properly.
I'm not suprised people have issues finding a specific item, I just found out for example
Heavy boots 03 is actually Reavers boots.

So if you in your usage discover I missed/typoed/wrongly labeled an entry please point out which and,
I will fix it with the next entry batch.

Give kudos to: maryan58 for pointing out

Tools used: Open office calc, notepad++, firefox, 7zip and the bundle extractor.
The file provided is in *.ods format, if desired I can upload other formats.

To see which sources I have used to create this file see the read me note.

Progress report:
All items should so far be included except dlc content.
I intend to start looking through those files during this week.