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Checklist for all quests, events, gwentcards, trophies and missables (Including all DCLs)

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You may link to this questlist wherever you want, but please, do not upload/copy&paste it somewhere else. Thank you!

I've created a checklist for when I will start playing NG+. It contains everything I found during my own playthrough, in Prima Guides, online wiki's, ... It's supposed to be a complete checklist, but there still might be some thing missing. If you find something please let me know. It contains all free DLCs and all expansion packs.

This checklist has 5 TABs.

  • The first one is an overview of the quests. It contains the Quest's Name, suggested Level by the game (first playthrough), what you need to trigger the quest, the region, subregion and closest fast travel point and some notes on when to do it etc... At the bottom of this sheet you can also set on what level you started NG+ (since update 1.21) and it will calculate the NG+ level (didn't check this myself!)
  • The second tab is a checklist of Gwent cards and where they can be found, what their strength is, the abilities, etc...
  • The third tab is a checklist of all places of power in the game (and notes about how to get some additional Ability Points)
  • The forth tab is a checklist of the (playstation) trophies. I think the trophies are the same for pc.
  • A fifth tab is added with additional info of which quests/items can be missed.

Feel free to use it in your playthrough! In status you have to set 'ok' if you want to use the counters at the bottom.

For more info you can also check my original upload on reddit

Update 2018.01.23 v2.3: 
  • Some bugfixes
  • AuthorOrder is completed and it's still there, but it's hidden in current version. You can unhide it if you need to see in which order I completed quests. 
  • There's a new column named "Order Suggestion". This isn't the order I completed the quests, but it's an order you should still be able to do all of the quests (except the ones you can't do because of the choices you made) and is more logical then the AuthorOrder one. Ofcourse there could be still some optimalisation... I made the order so that you first have to beat the main game, then HoS, then B&W. If you are playing NG+ it might be worth doing some quests earlier, but if you're doing NG+ you should know that by now.
  • Previous versions had 2 level columns, 1 for NG, 1 for NG+. I've now combined them into one column. At the bottom of the page you can set your starting level of NG+. If you're just playing for the first time, leave it at 0.

Update 2017.08.10 v2.2:
  • Some bugfixes
  • All quest markers are completed. 
  • The "AuthorOrder" column isn't still completed as I still didn't complete my NG+. For HOS it's actually done. I still have to do the last 2 missions, but I choose to play B&W with the O'Dimm's mark in Geralts face, skipping the last 2 quests of HOS. I hope to finish the "AuthorOrder" at the end of this month.

Update 2017.04.25 v2.1:
  • The location of sidequests that needs to be found (not directly triggered by Notice Boards or Main Quests) are now with a map marker. You can click the link to view the exact starting location of that quest. I've finished doing it for the maingame, not for it's DLC's. I will upload a new version once I've done it for all quests.

Update 2017.04.20 v2: I played through NG+ myself and finished the maingame again. I've updated my checklist: 
  • Bugfixes in locations and descriptions in the quest tab.
  • Bugfixes in where to get the gwent cards.
  • More events were added to the list. I opped for events that had cutscenes in them or that are tied right into other quests. I did not log easter eggs.
  • There's an "AuthorOrder" column in the questlist. This is the order I completed my quests (not triggered). You'll notice I did some strange jumps sometimes, but that's because if you don't make these rare jumps, you will not get quests like "flesh for sale" or some other quests. If you complete the quests in this order you should be able to do all sidequests (except the ones that may be locked by choices you made (for example "It takes three to tango" I never encounter as I always side with Yennefer). Please note I uploaded the second version after completing the main story (and all missable sidequests). I did not check my list for the expansion packs and I also skipped contracts as you can play them after beating the main game.
  • The fifth tab is also new.