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Fixes the missing chunks of water in the canals and docks of Novigrad

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UPDATE: Unless you JUST want fixes for the water, I would HIGHLY advise you to download my newer mod / compilation instead. It includes this water fix, plus fixes for a number of other small but annoying visual bugs!

This mod fixes the annoying water geometry errors seen at the edges of the canal and docks in parts of Novigrad.

Should be compatible with all other mods except those that alter "loot.w2l" in the Novigrad Harbour area - had to move some crates to cover up a visible bit of water that came with moving things around.

Otherwise this should be a side-effect free, simple mod - all it does is fix some errors that appeared when Blood and Wine launched.



Unzip the file and drop it in your Witcher 3 directory's mods folder, same as any other mod. 

EDIT: Version 1.01 uploaded, fixes another instance of a "water wall" in the cave beneath Temple Island in Novigrad.