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No time for Gwent? Use Axii to win.

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[ This mod works with the Next-Gen version 4 update ]


Gwent is great, but sometimes you simply don't have time for it. Maybe you're on a very important mission or maybe you're playing the game for the 10th time and you don't want to play each and every game of Gwent, while you still want to collect all the cards, so you can complete the Gwent related quests.

With this mod you can use Axii to win when you don't have time, by pressing 'N' during Gwent. Note that you have to start the Gwent game, as pressing 'N' while you're on the Deck screen won't work. And, of course, you're not really using Axii, it's just to fit into the story. 

These being said, unless you have a very good reason, you should always make time for Gwent :)


Step 1:

Download the archive and extract its content to the 'mods' folder of the Witcher 3 game. If the 'mods' folder does not exist, create it.

Step 2:

Go to the Witcher 3 folder inside your Documents (My Documents) folder and open the input.settings file with a text editor, such as Notepad. Just below the line that contains the text [EMPTY_CONTEXT] add the this line: IK_N=(Action=NoTimeForGwent). You should end up having this somewhere in your input.settings file:


Optional, if you are using a controller:

If you are using a controller, you should also add a controller key code to the file. If you want to use the right thumb stick, for example, you should add IK_Pad_RightThumb=(Action=NoTimeForGwent) under [EMPTY_CONTEXT] as well. You should end up having this in your input.settings file:


You may find all the key codes here, in case you want to use something else.


If the mod doesn't work or you get compilation errors, please make sure you first check all the items on the list below.

  • Make sure you don't end up with an additional folder when extracting the mod to the "mods" folder. You should end up with a folder structure like mods/modNoTimeForGwent and not mods/modNoTimeForGwent/modNoTimeForGwent.
  • Make sure you haven't missed the second step from the installation instructions.
  • If you're using other mods you may have to use Script Merger to resolve the conflicts with the mods altering the same files.
  • Make sure you start the Gwent game before pressing 'N', as pressing 'N' while you're on the Deck screen won't work.


  • To CD Projekt RED for creating this amazing game.
  • To everyone showing support and appreciation by taking the time to provide feedback, endorse and vote.
  • To rmemr for w3strings encoder.
  • To ElementaryLewis and zsadik52 for their feedback.

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