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works with every patch, not compatible with weather enhanced and skellige ice breath

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what it does

This Mod overhauls the weather and adds some particle effects.


Particles 7
the first compatibility update
remember, it's still designed for STLM

-now has a better support for other lighting mods

Particles 6
a cleaned up and reworked version of the Particles Mod
with the custom weather types:

-WT_WO (in White Orchard)

Particles 6.2

many bug fixes!

new snowy skellige weather!

(requires the DLCIce from Skellige Ice Breath)

Particles 6.3

it will work now!!

- thanks to FireFox he pointed me the obvoius issue with my latest file

pls look into the changelog for more information

many old versions below:

Pollens Everywhere - simply adds the pollens particles to some weather types in Novigrad, Velen, Kear Mohen and White Orchard
Pollens Extended - this mod is a re-upload of the great Weather Enhanced by shaedhen. I simply introduced the pollens effect to some of the weather types, so you can call it; Weather Enhanced compatible Pollens mod-mash up. I also linked the comand for the Snow particles of the great Skellige Ice Breath Mod by CAPA14 in to this Version of the Pollens Mod, now you can have the Pollens and also the snow Particles, you just NEED to download the DLC Ice file of the Skellige Ice Breath Mod and move it into the Witcher 3 dlc folder. Don't forget to endorse their work!
Pollens Extended 3.0 - is basicly an update of the Pollens Extended, which adds fireflies to Velen and butterflies to White Orchard (also Includes a new weather type WT_Mezziaz)

Particles Extended - this a newer version of the latest Pollens mod, which changes the pollens in every region except for White Orchard to dust particles, which doesn't glow and look much more superior. (there is still a weather type which has pollens for kear mohen and novigrad/velen, pollens aren't completly gone), skellige now also got the dust effect like in old trailers. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VERSION!  
it got all the cool stuff ;)

the Particles - Cinematic Realism version which indeed is an optimized version, which is intended to be used with the mod Cinematic Realism Reshade by my friend steamin661

- two new weather types, with a "cinematic" atmosphere, designed by the author himself ;)

- deleted and enhanced weathers, which could look wierd with his reshade

- overworked time settings to match his color pallete


feel free to use it as ever you want


thanks to:
essenthy for the hot tip
the modding community in the forums for help with modding
capa for allowing me to link his dlc ice 
shaedhen and KNGRSM for their weather mods, which everyone is allowed to edit and reuse
and big thanks to dawid0711 from cdpr forum for the pollens and snow particles idea!