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Mod that tweaks the XP curve so that early on in the game it takes less XP to rank up.

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Update added for patch 1.03. Let me know how it goes for you/any suggestions.

Experimental file 1.03a changes the values to this set here:
In my opinion this is a better scale up to the level 20 mark. Go ahead and try it!
If you find a bug, submit a bug report so I can fix :D

Hey everyone,
First of all, this is a constant work in progress and I take no responsibility for any crazy stuff you do with this or anything that happens to you as a result of your use of it. Typical disclaimer, you know the deal :)
With that out of the way...
This is my first TW3 mod which changes the XP curve for the first 21 levels so that you rank up slightly faster than normal (but not too fast).
Here are the original CDPR values:
As you can see, by level 21 you've fallen back into line with CDPR's values.
If you guys want mods to do things like give you more than 1 skillpoint per level, I can do that too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: as far as I can tell, this mod will not work on games that have already started. By this, I mean that I think you have to create a new savegame for this mod to actually do anything whatsoever. Using this mod with an old save, I've seen no effects so far.
This also means that if you start a new save with these XP values, and then want to change to some other XP values later on, you'll have to start a new save again and load those new values. The XP thresholds are persistently saved inside the save file, it seems. 


Let me know if you have problems.
I don't know how a patch will affect this mod. 
Nobody is forcing you to install it, so if you would rather have an experience that will work no matter what with future patches then I advise you wait a while for proper mod support from CDPR.

Ultimately it's very early days, but even just getting used to the game file layouts and how everything functions together will bring us 1 step closer to better mods further down the road :)