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About this mod

Adds a feature to gain a certain bonus to carry weight based on your character's level, similar to Skyrim style carry weight.

Permissions and credits
  • Adds a bonus to carry weight based on level, similar to Skyrim's weight increase per stamina increase
  • Configurable by menu, up to a bonus of 100 per level
  • Updates real-time, compatible with any in-game feature that changes carry weight

Install Instructions
  • Download and install with NMM/manually (your preference)
  • Navigate to (Witcher 3 Game Directory)\MODS\modAHDCarryWeightLevelUpBonus -- the mod directory
  • Move the "bin" folder to your Witcher 3 Game Directory (overwrite if necessary, only will happen if you've installed before)
  • Run script merger

Script merger conflicts: This mod will most likely conflict with many other popular mods in, it adds in the initialization information the same place that most other authors do. Make sure to manually copy all the information between // modAHDCarryWeightLevelUpBonus comments into your merged in KDiff. It should only be one spot that conflicts and will easily be recognizable. Watch this video if you are having trouble merging mods (I've tested this with almost every popular mod and have it merging correctly).

Uninstall Instructions:
  • Remove the mod folder NMM or manually delete it
  • Delete the xml file named AHDCWLUBConfig.xml located in (Witcher 3 Game Directory)\bin\config\r4game\user_config_matrix\pc

You can leave the settings in user.settings in there, nothing will be harmed from that (but you can delete them if you want). Deleting this mod mid-save will not cause any issues.

Additional Notes:
 Anyone willing to translate the menu can download the strings from the Miscellaneous section (for use with w3strings encoder GUI, please only send me the text file, so I can encode on my end).