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First person mode modification gives you an unique opportunity to see the world through Geralt's eyes by adding immersive first person camera option to the game that can be enabled or disabled at will.

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Experience Witcher 3 like you never did before!
First person mode modification gives you an unique opportunity to see the world through Geralt's eyes.
This modification will add a brand new, immersive first person camera mode to your game that can be enabled or disabled at any time during exploration.

  • Immersive first person camera that properly follows Geralt's body.
  • Customizable¬†FOV (in range from 1 to 110).
  • Customizable, separate X and Y axis mouse sensitivity.
  • Optional, first-person-only DOF effect.
  • Optional, first-person-only "do not disturb" mode that will allow you to avoid combat as long as you're in first person mode.
  • Entirely non-conflicting setup, compatible with all mods and all game versions from 1.08 up.
  • Experimental combat support.
  • Immersive lighting (no fake light source in first person).
  • Optional adaptive depth of field effect.

(You also loose ALL rights to complain about anything related to this mod if you don't)

Known issues:
  • Complex interiors (Kaer morhen/Kaer Trolde) have some minor streaming issues.
  • Game will hide NPCs that are very close to the camera.

  • Movement scheme is identical in first person as in third person(no strafing, backpedaling, etc.)
  • Mouse movement has "floaty" behavior when moving (intended behavior, required to improving movement controls).
  • Horseback riding and combat are currently not supported, you will get automatically booted out of the first person mode if such event occurs (by default).
  • Player will get half booted out of first person when fast traveling(tradeoff for being non-conflicting mod).


This mod requires you to have console enabled, this can be achieved by either installing a debug console enabler mod OR by editing general.ini located in your The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\base directory, find [General] section and add following line in this section DBGConsoleOn=true.
This will have same effect as having debug console mod installed. By default console is called by pressing "~"(tilde key), this may prove problematic on certain language specific keyboards.

If you have console enabled, first and last step is to unzip contents of the zip file to your Witcher 3 installation directory, allowing extraction to overwrite DLC,mods AND content folder, to avoid issues, make sure you are not unzipping entire file into mods folder and that you do not have any empty folders inside DLC folder.

If you are playing with controller you should also apply following fix:
Go to your input.settings located in your documents/The Witcher 3 folder.
And remove every single copy of the following line:


To hook first person mode for current level, bring up console and type in fphook, after doing that you can freely enter/exit first person mode by pressing P key on the keyboard. There's also a set of additional commands that will let you customize your experience:
  • fpsetfov(1-110) - Change field of view to a desired value, higher values give more spatial awareness at the cost of "fish eye view" effect.
  • fpdonotdisturb(0/1) - If set to 1 all enemies will be friendly to the player as long as he is in first person mode.
  • fpzcorrect(0/1) - Dynamic height offsetting, mostly responsible for head bobbing, if set to 0 camera will always float at fixed height.
  • fpsetdof(0/1) -Enable/disable first person only depth of field effect.
  • fpsettings - Display a popup with currently used FP settings.
  • fphelp - Display a menu with help listing all commands and controls.
  • fpsens(X value, Y value) - Customize mouse sensitivty in both axes.
  • fpinverty(0/1) - Invert Y-axis for controller camera movement (vertical look).
  • fpcollision(0/1) - Enable or disable collision with NPCs when in first person.
  • fpallowcombat(0/1) - Disable/Enable automatic booting from FP mode when entering combat. Does NOT override fpdonotdisturb, recommended to NOT use with fpcollision enabled.
  • fpnoautoleaving(0/1) - Disables automatic leaving during dialogues/cutscenes, does NOT save (has to be entered every time you enter FP mode). Experimental, buggy and NOT recommended.
  • fpadaptivedof(0/1) - Sets FP DOF to adaptive mode (requires DOF and FP DOF to be enabled).
  • fptime - welp, who knows.

As of version 1.07 You can also buy "Mysterious monocle" item from Novigrad book vendor (located on main square) that will automatically hook first person for you as long as it's placed in your quick slot (no need to type in fphook when playing as Geralt).

  • P - Enter/exit first person mode.
  • 1 - Do a 180 turn.
  • 2 - Center view.
  • Right mouse key(Geralt)/Middle mouse button(Ciri) - Zoom view. Double tap RMB to toggle focus mode as Geralt.
  • Q - Enable/cycle autowalk mode/speeds. Hold to quickly disable.
  • Numpad 4 - Enable autopilot.

Problem #1: "I press P, head disappears and nothing else happens" - You did NOT install DLC part correctly, read installation instructions again (and with comprehension).

Problem #2: "I cannot load any saves, it says i'm missing DLC and that i don't have any DLC installed" - You most likely have an empty folder inside DLC folder - remove it.

Problem #3: "I get script compilation errors" - If it starts with [content0/scripts] It's not my problem, go away - i will remove your comment either way.

If you need to, You can contact me through one of those channels: