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Wild Hunt Adaptive is a ReShade that really adapts to your location in the world of Witcher 3. Presets will automatically load when you go to a new area! Awesome right?? No need to manually change.
Presets for: Velen/Novigrad, White Orchard, Toussaint, Skellige, Kaer Morhen and Vizma Castle. Versions for: Vanilla Lighting, STLM 2.2 & Tou

Permissions and credits

I can't believe this is at 200+ endorsements 
made the August File of the Month list!!

I can't thank you all enough for your amazing support.
Really, thank you modding community!

Thank you for coming by to check out my newest ReShade!

Thank you to those that have taken the time to download, provide feedback and endorse.

This is a ReShade that adapts to your location in game. Presets have been made for 

White Orchard
Kaer Morhen
Vizma Castle

This ReShade will detect your location in game an automatically change the reshade for that locations.

Pretty awesome! Right??

You will need this mod as well Different SFX/ReShade Preset for Each Location

This is for ReShade 1.1.  

With this reshade just like my other reshade Wild Hunt Re-Imagined  I have taken the time to carefully balance out the image of this reshade. I didn't use effects that just bog down your system. Just the effects needed to achieve the image I wanted. Each region has been slightly adjusted to build off of what CDProjectRed already did for the area. I made sure to not overdue saturation or make the shadows look like you are walking the abyss of Hell. Contrast and Gamma were also slightly adjusted to make sure the image has a good balance between dark and bright. Each region I have used a separate LUT that adjusts the color grading for that region. Therefore, each region was tested and adjusted for optimal look.  So, with this preset you shouldn't see overblown colors and pitch black shadows. You should find that fires look cozy. Sunsets and Sunrises you will want to stop and look at. Trees and grass will will be a nice shade of green. Interiors will feel warm and inviting. You will find yourself walking the woods of Velen, the farmlands of White Orchard, the mountains of Skellige, the vineyards of Toussaint and your home of Kaer Morhen to just experience the scenery. Feel free to give it a try and see what this has to offer you. I have provided options for Vanilla Lighting as Super Turbo Lighting Mod Lighting.

Disclaimer: I use shadowplay to record clips. I am by no means a good video maker. But, after rendering original video and then letting youtube compression kill it more it may be hard to see the full quality of this preset. Give it a try is always best. Also, monitor calibration comes into play as well. Everyone's monitor is gonna make this look different. I play on a Dell 27" s2716g G-Sync Gaming Monitor. I have taken the time to make things looked balance on that monitor. Your experience may differ. 

Note: In videos I am using my other mod Supreme to Extreme Graphics Options

          Vanilla Preset Video                                                
STLM 2.2 Preset Video 
                         (Showcases all areas)                                                                                     
(Showcases all areas)

Toussaint Lighting Everywhere Preset Video
(Showcases all areas)

Note: Using Toussaint Lighting Everywhere Mod

A review video by It'sAGundam.                                 A showcase video by Stellifygamer
Thank you very much                                                                       Thank you very much

Thanks to Ultimate Immersion for this video

Disclaimer: I really haven't had time to take a lot of screenshots. So as always screenshots may not be the best way to experience the preset. As always, download and give it a try. But, for now here you go. Again, your monitor will have an impact on overall look.

White Orchard Preset
  Vanilla                                                        STLM

Velen/Novigrad/Oxenfurt Preset
Vanilla                                                                STLM

Skellige Preset
Vanilla                                                               STLM

Toussaint Preset
Note: Toussaint Presets are the same in Vanilla & STLM 2.2. 

Kaer Morhen
Vanilla                                                            STLM

Vizima Castle
Vanilla                                                          STLM

Toussaint Lighting Everywhere Version
(Recently just added version)

This must have taken awhile. Great Work!
-- Mezziaz --
Blows your head already. Tested did alright!
-- kokoloko2015 --
Excellent Job! Worked great. Looked Good. 
-- clkells --
Good work firemanaf
-- cetrescher --
Been a fan since Wild Hunt Re-Imagined. Now this. Great job keep it up. 
-- BossBoguzzo --
Wow, really love it with the HDR
-- Gillian11 --
Holy Sh..Great presets, great atmopshere, great's really awesome
-- spawn1702 --
-- carrywan123 --
Oh this preset is nice
-- dicafleeoh --
This is an important mod...Amazing work man!!
-- juan1103 --
Awesome and incredibly innovative of the best reshades I have ever seen...excellent work man.
-- christianguy116116 --
man you did an excellent job...this is easily the best reshade(s) in my opinion. everything is looking so beautiful.
-- DanteInHell --
Looks damn cool! Just what I needed. 
-- ziraelxx --
This is one of the best reshades I have ever seen. No comparision to all those cinematic/E3/VGX/realistic presets that are over exposed with sharpen and over/undersaturated
-- Moherek --
Awesome job man, really well done
-- fnexus --
Thank you so much for taking the time to make this. You obviously put a lot of time into crafting each area's look and mood....I truly thank you!
-- vaikinglee --
Thank you for this amazing reshade, have a preset for each region is wonderful.
-- Boric123 --
Thank you for this amazing has taken over as my favorite reshade and won't be playing without it again.
-- stellifygamer --
Thank you for this Firemanaf. I have tried many of Sweetfx and ReShade for Witcher 3 and was never really completely satisfied but, with your reshade and the fact using Different SFX to vary by location is a WIN in my looks very nice in game not distracting. It feels right!
-- PCG4m3r --
I wanted to compliment you for your great work, this is simply amazing. Way better than any other presets I have tried
-- TheLory --
First of all let me say thank you. The experience I have received due to the visual enhancements of this mod is like having your first cup of perfectly-brewed coffee. It's quite indescribable.
-- Boskotheserb --
I really can not get over how good this game looks with this preset! I never used a reshade before for this game cause they always seem out of place. This one truly deserves the crown!
-- userforusing --

A Full Quality Preset (approx 5-7 FPS hit)

- Lumasharpen
- Gaussian Blur
- Various Color Effect

Performance Version (1-3 FPS hit)

Various Color Effects

Hot Keys

F10- ReShade on/off (only turns off colors/lumashrpen)
F11- HDR
F12- Gaussian Blur
F7- MXAO & Indirect Lighting (if you installed)

Quick install video to make things easier for you!!

Make sure to follow step by step. My mod has to be installed after Different ReShade Presets for Each Location Mod

You will need Different ReShade Presets for Each Location Mod 

1. Download Different ReShade Presets for Each Location Mod
2. Extract the mods file.
3. Copy the bin and mods folder
4. Paste into your Witcher 3 folder (where your mod folder is)
5. Download Wild Hunt Adaptive
6. Extract Wild Hunt Adaptive ReShade file
7. Copy content of folder (d3d11, ReShade folder, ReShade note, LocationsPreset folder)
8. Paste into your X64 folder (where you exe file is)
9. Allow to overwrite
10. Make sure your user ini file in My Documents/The Witcher 3/ is not set to read only

11. Before starting game (everytime) open X64 and open DifferentSFXPreset application and let run

FYI, his mod does use scripts to detect location. Make sure to run Script Merger just in case. I had no conflicts with any mods that I use. So, you should be ok. 

** Alternate way to use Wild Hunt Adaptive **

This is a for users that maybe having issues with "Different ReShade Presets for Each Location mod' whether that be from script errors that cant be fixed, can't run it or you just don't want to use that mod.

This uses ReShade Framework 2.0 (its under Alternative Downloads on which operates different from ReShade 1.1
Get ReShade 2.0

Please watch the video on how to use. 

1. Open your mods folder and delete modSFXPresets folder
2. Open X64 folder and delete LocationPresets & ReShade folder/DifferentSFXPreset Application
d3d11/ReShade note
3. Open Witcher 3/bin/config/r4game/user_config_matrix/pc and delete modDifferentSFXPresets XML

Visual Enhancements 

*=must have for me

*The Witcher 3 HD Reworked Project / * Next Gen Stones & Misc / *Increased LOD / PeepersSplashBloodWeather
 *Improved Sign Effects / Lore Friendly Ciri / No Dirty Lens / *Next Gen Novigrad Reloaded 2 / Better Than IconsDynamic HUD Medallion / Realistic Contrast Textures / Next Gen Haystacks /  *Unoptimized Novigrad Castle Wall / Ultra Grass 420 / *Extended View Distance / *Darker Nights / Geralt Skin Enhanced / *More Realistic Wind Effects / *More ShadowsVolumetric Clouds over Skellige / Next Gen Candles / **Supreme to Extreme Graphics Options

Game Tweaks

Main Map Zoom (Updated) / *All Objectives on Map / Colored Map Markers / *Fast Travel From Anywhere / Better Trophies
Always Full XP / *Auto Apply Oils / Leveling Kaer Morhen Armor / *Immersive Cam / Enhanced Menus / Enhanced Targeting / *No Fall Damage / *Native Depth of Field / Cheap Dyes Everywhere / Familiar Music Replacement

Here is a mod that is big overhaul of game mechanics, check it out if you want hardcore: Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Enhanced Edition

Highly recommended if modding

Custom Localization Fix / Script Merger / Debug Console 

If you find some mods listed are not up to date to patch 1.3 check out the following mod to see if an update was made there.  Unofficial 1.30 Mod Update Project 

Recommend leaving all to highest possible (- Hairworks)

Sharpening- Off or Low

Gamma- 1.00
Blur/Motion Blur- Off/Personal Preference
DOF- on/Personal Preference
AA- On (I recommend on due its temporal AA but if you want off its ok)
Chromatic Aberration- Off/Personal Preference
Vignette- Off/Personal Preference 
Bloom- On (but with HDR in Full Quality Preset you could turn off if want)
Light Shafts- On

Want to have a way to adjust your graphic settings beyond Ultra? Such as Supreme, Ultimate or even Extreme level? Want to be able to automatically adjust to those settings via in game graphic settings without manually adjust your ini settings every time?

Check out my other my other mod Supreme to Extreme Graphics Options

1. ReShade I can't adjust setting based on particular weather or time of day. Sorry.
2. ReShade may cause Steam overlay not to work
3. If you find d3d11 does not work for you try renaming to dxgi
4. If you want to disable the follow effects outside of using hotkey here is how. (Full Quality Version)

Note: You will have to do this for every preset location.

1. Open LocationPresets folder
2. Choose location
3. Open SweetFX

SMAA- Make #define USE_SMAA 1 to #define USE_SMAA 0
FXAA- Make #define USE_FXAA 1 to #define USE_FXAA 0
Lumasharpen- Make #define USE_LUMASHARPEN 1 to #define USE_LUMASHARPEN 0
HDR- Make #define USE_HDR 1 to #define USE_HDR 0

5. Your monitor will have an impact on over all look. I can't calibrate reshade for every monitor. I play on a TN monitor. So my blacks are not as dark as a IPS monitor, for example. But, always try to make sure your monitor is calibrated as best you can. You can use these to help. 
Black Test
White Test

5. If you find to dark or to bright you can adjust (you will need to do this for every location. 
1. See Issue #4 on how to get to sweetfx file 
2. Then under tonemap lower #define Gamma (to make brighter) or increase #define Gamma (to make darker

CD Project Red for creating this outstanding game, easily in my top 3

Reshade/Shader credit to


Of course make sure you show support to Murzinio for his Different ReShade Presets for Each Locations Mod. So make sure to go over there and endorse

fmoritz- for his 3D Lut Mega Collection

Murzinio- for testing and feedback
kokoloko2015- for testing and feedback
RicktheDope- for testing and feedback

All users of course!!